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Outlander has officially wrapped up filming for Season 3, and although we still have to wait a couple of months for the new season to premiere, there's an array of perfectly memorable moments from Diana Gabaldon's Voyager that fans are dying to see play out on the screen.

From a much anticipated reunion to an exciting boat chase in the middle of the Atlantic, here are five moments certain to take our breath away when Season 3 premieres.

The Printshop Scene

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated scenes for fans is Jamie and Claire's reunion after twenty or so years apart. The moment they meet again — in what's been dubbed simply as "the printshop scene" — is a powerful exchange between Outlander's beloved leads. Here's how Claire describes her reunion with Jamie in Voyager:

"But we were strangers now, barely touching, each seeking the way toward joining, slowly, tentatively, seeking and giving unspoken permission with our silent lips. My eyes were closed, and I knew without looking that Jamie’s were, as well. We were, quite simply, afraid to look at each other."

Surprise, disbelief and ecstasy all play a part in their reunion, but it's the producer's teasing that helped get fans really hyped up.

Jamie's Little Secret I

For any Outlander fan, Jamie and Claire are the epitome of the perfect couple, so anyone who dares come between them will not be appreciated. Back in the first season, Laoghaire tried her best to get Jamie all for herself, but the Highlander chose Claire instead.

Claire has been gone for two decades when Outlander Season 3 opens, and life went on even for Jamie. He's now a free man, and he has also (sadly) married Laoghaire for the sake of her children. So, it's no surprise that when the two ladies find out about each other things take a turn for the worst — with Jamie smack in the middle of it all. However, in typical Jamie fashion, once Claire finds out about Laoghaire, he makes no apologies for his lying to her:

“Am I a man? To want you so badly that nothing else matters? To see you, and know I would sacrifice honor or family or life itself to lie wi’ you, even though ye’d left me?”

Major John Grey

To mention Voyager without talking about the absolutely delightful character of John Grey is simply not possible. Lord Grey made his first appearance in the second season of Outlander, as the young soldier Jamie and his Jacobite friends bullied one night in their camp; but when he returns in Season 3, he'll be the Governor of the Ardsmuir Prison — where Jamie eventually does his time after Culloden.

Through long conversations and very competitive chess games, Jamie and John Grey develop a kinship that will be life-changing for both. The mutual respect between the two men, the sharing of stories and their continuous assessment of each other, make up for some of the best reading passages of the otherwise sullen and hopeless Ardsmuir chapters:

When they had at length sat down to dine, they were no longer quite strangers, and the conversation, while still wary and formal, was at least true conversation, and not the awkward affair of starts and stops it had been before. They discussed matters of the prison, had a little conversation of books, and parted formally, but on good terms.

Jamie's Little Secret II

Mainly because of the years he served under Lord Grey in Ardsmuir, when the time comes to be sent out to the colonies, Jamie is sent to England to serve the remainder of his sentence. He works as a groom in Helwater, the homestead of Lord Dunsany, where Jamie also gets wrapped up in the affairs of one of Lord Dunsany's daughters, Geneva.

The Lake District plot is a short, albeit an extremely important one. It's in Helwater that Jamie begins to find some measure of freedom after paying for his role in the Jacobite rebellion, protecting his family and living beyond the confines of a cave or cell. It's a nice change of pace and fate for Jamie who, although he gets cornered into an impossible decision, manages to retain his honor and realize his greatest wish. Here's an insight to his internal turmoil:

Now that he was ensconced here, imprisoned as securely by his word as by bars, he found both body and mind growing easier, as the days passed by. His body toughened, his feelings calmed in the quiet company of horses, and gradually he found it possible to think rationally again.

All Aboard

Instead of listing all the amazing moments Jamie and Claire experience on their way to the colonies (which would no doubt make this list far too long!), let's not pick one and stick with their whole sailing adventures, partners and dangers, instead. After finding each other once more, Jamie and Claire begin a brand new story in the company of Jamie's nephew Ian, a very peculiar Mr. Willoughby, an all grown-up Fergus and his beloved Marsali. Jamie sums up some of their adventures in a conversation with Claire, in Voyager:

“Aye, well, I suppose draggin’ ye off to sea and letting ye be kidnapped and locked up in a plague ship is dangerous enough. But at least I havena let ye be eaten by cannibals, yet.”

Their group embarks on a journey across the Atlantic, where they face, among other things, a British man-of-arms, an onboard epidemic, a slave revolt, an old foe and an epic thunderstorm. Although seeing Jamie and Claire reunite back at the printshop may give many fans the goosebumps, the most adventurous part of Voyager is the one that takes the Frasers to a new land and new-found discoveries and possibilities. Once again, producer Matthew B. Roberts (and, to be honest, most of the cast and crew) didn't hold back in teasing fans with some great pictures of what's in store for :

September is just around the corner and Outlander fans will finally be able to quench their . There'll be lots of Jamie, Claire, Jamie and Claire, and some Frank flashbacks to top it off. While the third season has wrapped up filming and is now in post-production, Season 4 is already in the works in the writer's room, bringing Drums of Autumn to life this time around. Based on Outlander's recent win at the Saturn Awards for best fantasy TV series, I'd say it's fair to assume fans will get to follow Jamie and Claire for many years still.

What are you most excited to see when Outlander Season 3 premieres? Share your favorite moments in the comments below!


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