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has been going strong for a while now, and since we still have a while to wait until premiere, it's up to us fans to try and find ways to stay sane until Jamie and Claire have their much anticipated reunion. If you're on Twitter or Instagram, then you might just have found a pot of gold scrolling down Matthew B. Roberts' feed. Roberts is an executive producer and writer for Outlander, and he's also a keen photographer — with much-envied set access.

The last season of Outlander left Claire and Jamie separated by 200 years, in spite of both being alive and well — and, in Claire's case, recently widowed. All signs point to a happy reunion, as Claire will travel back through the stones to find her beloved Jamie and, since the new season is based on Diana Gabaldon's novel Voyager, there's much to speculate about. Add to that the amazing tease photos that Roberts takes from the set, and you're in for some pretty exciting production news.

While Matthew B. Roberts's photos are a nice treat to Outlander fans, it's important to point out that there are no apparent spoilers in his photos — just nice puzzle pieces, if you know where to look!

[This will be mostly a spoiler-free post, so any spoiler will be tagged and, should you want to know, all you have to do is click on them.]

Culloden Moor

The battle of Culloden — the decisive battle between the Jacobite forces and the British army — featured slightly in the Season 2 finale, but there's more to come. The fate of Jamie and his clansmen will be decided on Culloden Moor, during the Culloden Battle. Season 3 will most likely open right back at the center of all the action, retracing Jamie's steps and telling his side of the battle in Culloden.

Besides the Jacobite losses and the gore of war, there are some other surprises coming from Culloden, so click on if you want to know what else happens.

Two important characters are lost to us in the Culloden battle; one is Jamie's beloved godfather Murtagh. The other, however, is the hated Black Jack Randall. When Jamie wakes up and discovers he actually survived the battle, Jamie also discovers Black Jack's body lying on top of his own.

Claire Travels Back Through The Stones

From Claire's smile in Season 2 finale, it seems pretty clear that she's decided return to Jamie, but Outlander Season 3 will likely timeskip a few more times between centuries to show us a little more of Claire's life with Frank. After all, he did accept her — and Jamie's unborn child — with the condition that she forgot all about Jamie.

In the books, although Claire does accept Frank's proposal, they never share the same love and intimacy they did before she traveled through the stones the first time. Of course, Frank is a wonderful father to Brianna — which is pretty clear judging by how much she loathed her mother and adored Frank — but he's less than admirable as a husband to Claire.

The Printshop

Book fans went crazy when this picture came out on Matthew B. Roberts' Twitter, simply because it's more than just a script snap. Even if you're not caught up with Diana Gabaldon's books, you've probably realized that Claire will eventually travel back in time to Jamie's arms — as it wouldn't be much of Outlander if she didn't.

The printshop scene is the exact moment Jamie meets Claire after being apart for 20 years. Needless to say, it's a deeply moving and emotional scene, but there's also some comedy and steamy moments to help break our hearts.

Jamie's Illegal Business

Although Jamie's printshop is a pretty decent and legal business for a former Jacobite and fugitive of the law, Jamie has a whole other venture on the side. Jamie secretly smuggles liquor into Edinburgh, using the printshop as a façade. To help in the clandestine endeavor, Jamie enlists Mr. Willoughby — a Chinese man whose two passions are liquor and women's feet — and his nephew, Young Ian.

Claire is drawn into the middle of Jamie's smuggling when she returns to 1765, and she finds out that Jamie's hiding place for the smuggled liquor is a brothel — where Mr. Willoughby makes some very bad decisions, by the way.


As Claire travels back to the 18th century, she eventually has the chance to reconnect with Jamie's family, so Lallybroch is a certain pitstop for Outlander Season 3. Jamie's sister Jen and her husband Ian — whom viewers met way back in the first season — will not be the only ones to 'welcome' Claire, though.

Jen's children have all grown up by now, 20 years later, and so has Fergus. The wee French boy is now an adult who is still absolutely loyal to Jamie, but has begun shaping his own path. Jamie's nephew Ian, Jenny's youngest, will turn out to be an important part of Claire and Jamie's story moving forward.

The Seals' Treasure

Hopefully, the show will allow this sequence enough time to develop as much as it did in the book, where the whole story about Jamie's parents and how they met and fell in love is revealed in detail. The Seals' Treasure is the gold that the French supporters of the Bonnie Prince Charlie allegedly sent over to Scotland in support of the prince. It's supposed to be hidden in an island just off the shore near Inverness and, when Jamie and Claire decide they need to retrieve it, some really bad things happen.

It's Jamie's nephew, Young Ian, who dives in the ocean and swims over the island to retrieve the gold but, just as he's about to swim back ashore, he's captured by an unknown ship — leaving Jamie and Claire to desperately follow him and discover his whereabouts.

South Africa

Although Outlander's plot never takes Jamie or Claire anywhere near South Africa, Starz has recently moved filming locations from rainy Scotland to Cape Town's sapphire blue beaches. The reason for that is Jamie and Claire's voyage — hence Diana Gabaldon's novel name — to the West Indies. Since Starz has used South Africa as a filming location for the pirate period drama Black Sails before, it seemed only logical that they take advantage of the pre-existing production in South Africa for Outlander.

You'd be correct to assume that Season 3 will take Jamie and Claire further and further away from Scotland and their home in Lallybroch, but it will also bring about many more adventures and, of course, dangers for Laird and Lady Broch Tuarach — and Young Ian as well.

Jamaica will also offer Jamie and Claire a provisory home and, since slavery is taking its toll on the island when the Frasers arrive, they are bound to encounter the occasional plantation house. Jamie and Claire will also make acquaintance with the new governor of Jamaica, who will bring along some secrets Jamie would rather see buried forever.

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Apart from these plot tidbits, the third season of Outlander will also delve deeper into Jamie's life apart from Claire. All he lost over the Jacobite rebellion and the damage Claire's absence caused him will pain Jamie for many years to come, and Season 3 might just offer us some insight into his past. And, let's not forget the folks back at the 20th century — Claire and Jamie's daughter, Brianna, and her new-found friend, Roger MacKenzie — who will also have a part to play once the new season airs in September.

What are you most excited to see in Outlander Season 3? Let us know in the comments!


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