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Filming for Season 3 has reached the halfway mark, and fans are eager for juicy news on the upcoming adventures of Jamie and Claire Fraser. Luckily, show writer Matthew B. Roberts has come to the rescue with an impromptu Q&A session held on his Twitter, revealing a possible change from the source material.

As well as sharing details of his writing habits and routine, Roberts divulged some insider information on the upcoming season. Roberts' responses were rather brief and slightly vague, but he did confirm that the "super exciting" ending to Outlander Season 3 would be "spine-tingling", which both excited and alarmed fans.

Fans Will Be "Weeping"

Considering Outlander's history of controversial scenes in past seasons, fans have been bracing themselves for even more intense feelings for Season 3. Roberts confirmed that the season finale would have viewers experiencing yet another whirlwind of emotions, including a good dose of crying:

When asked if the weeping was an indication of bad things to come for Jamie and Claire, Roberts responded with a hopeful yet cryptic response: "you've never heard of tears of joy?" However, his lack of explanation of the use of the two cryptic words "never before" in a previous tweet indicate things aren't going to turn out so peachy for time traveller Claire Fraser and her highlander husband.

What Happens In The Book?

Outlander [Starz]
Outlander [Starz]

Season 3 will be based on Diana Gabaldon's third novel in the Outlander series, Voyager. Fans seemed surprised at Roberts' description of the finale, considering the book's ending.

Voyager ends with Jamie and Claire happily reunited. Jamie has ended his marriage with the conniving Laoghaire, and he and Claire have successfully fled the English. They find themselves shipwrecked on the coast of Georgia, but are safe nonetheless.

A shift from the exact events in the books wouldn't be too unexpected, considering the process of adapting a detailed story like Outlander from page to screen. Roberts commented on the "challenge" of deciding which parts to stay true to, and what to alter:

This Wouldn't Be The First Change

Although the previous two seasons of Outlander have stuck remarkably close to Gabaldon's source material, Roberts has already triggered outrage amongst the Outlander community after changing a small but integral detail from one of Voyager's most iconic scenes:

The scene in question refers to Claire being reunited with Jamie at his print shop after travelling through the stones once more. Those who have already read the books will be aware that Claire runs into Jamie when he is already inside the shop— however, Roberts' script teaser clearly mentions him entering the store. Granted, it's a minute detail, but fans were far from pleased with the change.

Considering filming hasn't wrapped and post-production has yet to start, it'll most likely be a fair while until we see the release of Outlander Season 3 sometime this year. Nevertheless, we're bound to see even more sneak peeks of what's to come from Roberts— and maybe even more changes from the novel.

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