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With barely two days to go until the Outlander panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Starz broke protocol and released the official trailer for the third season, which premieres on September 10th.

Although the trailer is mostly focused on the years Claire's spent in Boston in the 20th century, it also offers some glimpses into the past, with a hint at Culloden and Jamie's time in Ardsmuir. Let's delve a bit deeper into the two minutes of footage and quench our a bit, but first, I'll give you a moment to watch and replay the trailer (if you haven't done so already!):

A New Beginning

When Frank agreed to raise Jamie Fraser's child, he did so with the condition that Claire forgot her past and left her love behind, and if there's one thing this trailer rubs in our faces is that she never really managed to. Although Claire and Frank did lead some sort of 'happy life' together as Brianna's parents — which enabled the series to keep the wonderful Tobias Menzies around for yet another season — Jamie's shadow always haunted Frank, causing more than the fair share of stress in their relationship. It seems all that stress and distrust will feature as a big part of Outlander Season 3, before Claire travels back in time in search of Jamie. Speaking of which...

The Surrender

'Outlander' [Credit: Starz]
'Outlander' [Credit: Starz]

This bit had me worried there for a second, mainly because it's one of those scenes that is so emblematic in the books, but seems a lot changed in the series — judging by this trailer, of course. In the trailer, Jamie walks into Lallybroch with open arms, and is quickly surrounded by redcoats, while his sister Jenny watches it all from afar. In the books, Jamie does arrange his 'capture' with Jenny, and the two discuss his choice to surrender for the benefit of his family and Lallybroch's tenants; however, it's one of his tenants that supposedly tips off the English soldiers of Jamie's whereabouts, not Jenny. Oh well, considering how much of the book Dragonfly in Amber was changed for the TV series and turned out awesome, Mr. Ronald D. Moore has my vote of confidence!

The Dunsany Girl

'Outlander' [Credit: Starz]
'Outlander' [Credit: Starz]

Although Jamie tried his best to remain celibate, and thus ever faithful to his beloved Claire, he did share his bed with other women while Claire was presumably gone. One of these said occasions happens in Hellwater, an English farm where Jamie goes to finish the rest of his commuted sentence after Ardsmuir Prison. It's there that he meets Geneva Dunsaby, one of the daughters of his employer, and who tricks Jamie into having a one night stand with her. It's not that Geneva herself is absolutely a game changer in Voyager, but she does bring about some change in the long run, so it was nice to get a first look at her with Jamie in the trailer.

Lord John

I gotta be honest, John Grey is, by far, one of my favorite characters in the books, so I'm absolutely biased when it comes to him (it also doesn't hurt a bit that David Berry, who will play John in the series, is such an eye-candy!). His relationship with Jamie is rooted in a love that, on occasion, seems deeper and more genuine than even Claire's — after all, John Grey chooses Jamie every single time over anyone and anything else. Just as most of will feature Claire's relationship with Frank, Jamie's exchanges with Lord John Grey will make up most of his interactions before his reunion with Claire. And most of those scenes between Jamie and John will be adventurous and fresh, which never hurts when your two main characters are separated by a 200-year gap in your story.

Two minutes might not seem like much when we've all been waiting a year for Season 3, but this installment of Outlander will most likely be the best one so far. Voyager, the book which the this season is adapted from, offers a variety of plots, locations and new characters that will keep things fresh for long-term fans, and exciting enough for the new viewers. September can't come fast enough!

And don't forget that this Friday, July 21st, there will be lots of new tidbits from the Outlander panel in the San Diego Comic Con — and we will bring it all to you here on Movie Pilot. Stay tuned!


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