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Outlander Season 2 ended with Claire and Jamie both alive, but living close to 200 years apart. With the production for Outlander Season 3 currently underway, and a fourth already confirmed, fans can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead for the Fraser clan.

Since the TV show is an adaptation of author Diana Gabaldon's books, it came with a built-in fanbase, who were eager to see Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall be brought to life on the screen. When the first season hit screens, new fans were drawn into the enticing time-traveling world of Outlander, and they too experience the famous 'Droughtlander' for the lack of episodes between seasons. Well, let's try and remedy that by keeping up with news, rumors, updates and pretty much everything you need to know before finally premieres.

This post will receive constant updates before Season 3 of Outlander debuts — as well as after — so that you can be caught up with the Frasers and their story. So, make sure to bookmark this page!

Outlander Season 3: News, Rumors & Updates

[UPDATED: 04/04/2017] The Artemis Is Ready To Sail!

The cast of Outlander took over the show's handle on Instagram yesterday and shared a few precious sneak peeks of the filming in South Africa. Even Outlander writer Diana Gabaldon, who recently made her way to Cape Town to follow the production, shared some photos of the Artemis — the ship that takes Jamie and Claire on their voyage in the Atlantic.

Caitriona Balfe, Lauren Lyle (who plays Marsali) and Gabaldon shared their behind the scenes shots, while Sam Heughan joined Balfe and Gabaldon to shoot a small video on the Artemis. Take a look!

[UPDATED: 03/06/2017] Outlander Season 3 Sets Sail To Jamaica

Since the Outlander Season 3 production moved from Scotland to South Africa last month, we have all been waiting to see where this new journey would take Claire and Jamie. Well, executive producer and Outlander writer Matthew B. Roberts has recently graced fans with a very nice picture of the filming in South Africa.

'Voyager' — Diana Gabaldon's book which inspires Outlander Season 3 — takes Claire and Jamie on a journey to the West Indies, hence the boat and the moving to South Africa. Scenes shot there will stand for Jamaica and all the sailing that takes places before Claire and Jamie set their feet ashore. Since Roberts is a producer on the set — and he's promised to continue to tease fans with new images — you might wanna give him a follow!

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Outlander Season 3: Premiere Date

Series' producer Maril Davis broke the news, on her Twitter, that Outlander Season 3 — with the whole of its 13 episodes — will debut in September 2017.

Outlander Season 3: Trailer

Although the production for Season 3 is well underway, there are currently no official trailers for the next season of Outlander.

Outlander Season 3: Plot

Season 3 will be based in the third book of the series. [Credit: Delacorte Press]
Season 3 will be based in the third book of the series. [Credit: Delacorte Press]

Following Diana Gabaldon's book series, Season 3 will be based on the third book: Voyager. Since the TV show messes with the timeline of the books - in the most positive of ways - the third season will open with the Battle of Culloden, and what exactly happened to Jamie in the aftermath.

The book also addresses the new-found love between Brianna and Roger, Claire's travel back in time to find Jamie, and their journey to the Colonies - all of which will probably feature in Outlander Season 3.

Outlander Season 3: Recaps And Reviews

[Credit: Starz]
[Credit: Starz]

Every week, soon after the new episode airs, you'll find the latest in-depth recap here. Be sure to check back as Outlander Season 3 premieres.

Outlander Season 3: Characters

Straight from the book pages, Outlander's characters are key to understanding the story. They are:

Claire Beuchamp Randall Fraser: After everything Claire has endured in the first two seasons, she's now 20 years older but still deeply in love with Jamie. She makes a choice to leave her daughter behind in 1968 and go back to her true soulmate - 200 years earlier - through the stones of Craig Na Dun.

James Alexander Mackenzie Fraser: Having sent Claire back through the stones in 1746 - so that she and their unborn baby could live on - Jamie enters the battlefield in Culloden ready to meet his maker. Little did he know he'd meet someone else instead...

Brianna Randall: The surprise of discovering her true father wasn't the man who had raised her is still fresh for Brianna, but she doesn't have to go through it all alone. Similarly to her mother Claire, Brianna also finds her true love in Scotland, along with a new adventure of her own.

Roger Wakefield: The Reverend's adopted son had a lot on his plate last season, serving as both friend and researcher for Claire and her daughter Brianna. When Season 3 picks up, he's in love and very much curious about his own family tree.

Murtagh Fraser: Jamie's godfather may have received orders to head straight back to the family home of Lallybroch, but he'll be damned if he ever leaves Jamie to fight a war on his own.

Frank Randall: Claire's first husband died in Season 2 - which prompted the Randall women to travel to Scotland in the first place - but he'll still be seen in flashback throughout the story.

'Black' Jack Randall: Jamie and Claire's nemesis back in the 1700s, Randall will finally get his wish of a one-on-one time with Jamie this season.

Lord John Grey: He made his first appearance last season - in the episode Je Suis Prest - when he ventured into the Jacobite camp and got played by Claire and Jamie. Season 3 will see an adult Grey who, as a higher officer to the British army, will carry much more weight in what happens to Jamie after Culloden.

Outlander Season 3: Cast

What would Outlander be like without such a perfectly cast Jamie? Or without the brilliancy of this award-winning talented ensemble?

Caitriona Balfe: Balfe's performance as Claire Randall Fraser has earned her two Saturn Awards, a People's Choice Award and a Golden Globe nomination. The Dubliner actress portrays a strong and heroic type of heroine in Claire. Balfe most recently featured in Jodie Foster's Money Monster.

Sam Heughan: The Scottish actor was the first member to be cast, and the one to receive the book author's seal of approval. Upon seeing Heughan's audition, Diana Gabaldon said "that man is a Scot to the bone and Jamie Fraser to the heart." Coming from the theater himself, Heughan is a patron for the Youth Theatre Arts Scotland.

Tobias Menzies: Menzies is, by now, well known to HBO's audiences. He appeared in Rome and Game of Thrones - where he plays Edmure Tully. In Outlander, he is both the caring and gentle Frank Randall, and the cruel and sadist Jack Randall - which landed him a Golden Globe nomination this year.

Lotte Verbeek: The Dutch actress played Claire's time-travelling friend Geillis Duncan in Season 1. We also saw her in a flashback in Season 2, and if the series sticks to the books, we might get a glimpse of her later in Season 3 as well. She's best known for her role as Giulia Farnese in The Borgias.

Outlander Season 3: Spoilers

Lord John Grey and Jamie Fraser [Credit: Starz]
Lord John Grey and Jamie Fraser [Credit: Starz]

Since Outlander derives from Diana Gabaldon's books, there's plenty that might get spoiled for non-book readers out there. That's why the predictions for every new episode will be posted separately in a trailer preview here, once Season 3 premieres.

New To Outlander? Catch Up With Seasons 1 & 2:

Outlander Season 1 & Season 2 Posters
Outlander Season 1 & Season 2 Posters

Where To Watch Outlander Online

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. [Credit: Starz]
Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. [Credit: Starz]

Enjoy the hiatus and catch up on Season 1 and 2 of Outlander in these streaming sites:

Starz: You can watch it free on both on the site and with Starz app.

Amazon: You can watch it with Starz on Amazon for a 7-day free trial.

Netflix: Currently showing Season 1 only.

Outlander Book Series

Author Diana Gabaldon. [Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Author Diana Gabaldon. [Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Diana Gabaldon is the mastermind behind Outlander and all the twists and turns Claire and Jamie face along their way. The series may be on its third season on Starz, but the first book come out in 1991! With the TV show running at least as far as four seasons, if you're interested in knowing ahead - or avoiding 'Droughtlander' - in between seasons, here are the eight books released so far.


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