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Are you suffering from 'Droughtlander'? Don't you worry because the cuteness meter is about to explode. Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive first look at the puppies that will be playing the young Ian Murray's (John Bell) four-legged best friend Rollo on hit Starz series, .

It looks like (Claire Randall) and will have a hard time getting any work done watching these little puppies playing on set. Just like any other puppies, I'm sure they'll get into their fair share of trouble. That's ok because Rollo is known as the dog that has a "penchant for getting into trouble, often sticking his large, wet nose into places it doesn’t belong,” says a Starz spokesman. “The dog will play a key part in the adventure that lies ahead.”

Who Is Rollo?

The cute furbaby in the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books first appeared in the forth book Drums of Autumn. Says Gabaldon:

“Rollo and Young Ian met on the docks in North Carolina, when Young Ian won the dog in a card game, and a life-long bond was formed between them, meaning that Rollo became a member of the ever-growing Fraser family.”

will be based on Drums of Autumn, which shows the increasing bond and loyalty between Rollo and Ian. For a dog that is half wolf and half Irish Wolfhound, Rollo is a very well-behaved pooch. But don't let his demeanor fool you. There are times in the book where the wolf comes out and his teeth are bared when placed in certain situations. That is why they needed to find a dog that not only looked the part, but could be trained to behave depending on the situation. Rollo will be played by Northern Inuit puppies and the producers wanted to begin their training in South Africa where Season 3 is being filmed.

What does Diana Gabaldon think of these cute canines?

“They look cute, but tough. They should be just right to play Rollo when the time comes,” Gabaldon tells EW. “They’d need to growl and look menacing on command, I think, and carry back prey of one kind or another to their master. I assume they wouldn’t let them catch things on camera … especially fish, of course.”

Outlander fans will have to wait until Season 4 to see Rollo become part of the Fraser family.

Meanwhile, will premiere in September, 2017.

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