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Writer/director/jack of all trades is all about branching out from the movie medium lately. With the pilot for his graphic novel-turned-television show The Strain hitting the airwaves soon, del Toro has set his sights on franchising an even bigger project: Pacific Rim.

During a media roundtable yesterday, del Toro expressed enthusiasm about the potential of a Pacific Rim 2 film and expanding upon the movies to create a widespread franchise:

We’re been talking about the idea for it and working on a pitch...Having had two to three years pass from the first Pacific Rim to the second movie, we can also prepare a good video game, continue the graphic novel and continue the mythology.

Del Toro and co-penned the script for the first Pacific Rim, while Beacham is busy at work writing the prequel graphic novel. A line of toys will obviously happen, as well, but a video game? That's new news, and an interesting one. The epic scale of the Pacific Rim movie would pave the way for a video game that is a hell of a lot of fun to play.

However, Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull tempered del Toro's enthusiasm somewhat, saying

We’d like to do it but it’s up to the audience — ultimately we’ll have to see how it does.

That's the neutral, noncommittal kind of remark you'd expect to hear from someone in the corporate office, but let's be real. Pacific Rim is going to be huge. There's no way a sequel isn't getting made. Which means we have at least one more movie (and a possible video game) of epic-scale Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots coming our way.

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