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After what has seemed like interminable delays, discussions and disagreements, production on Pacific Rim: Maelstrom is finally picking up steam, with news breaking in Variety that they have finally picked a female lead. Pop starlet Cailee Spaeny will star opposite Scott Eastwood and John Boyega in the sequel to the critically lauded sci-fi movie. Given that Pacific Rim was one of the best action films of 2013, the sequel could be her golden ticket to Hollywood fame.

Photo by Heno Head via Cailee Spaeny's Facebook page.
Photo by Heno Head via Cailee Spaeny's Facebook page.

With a scheduled release date on 23rd February, 2018, anticipation is slowly growing for the film, which in attempting to recapture the beautiful, balletic carnage of the original has a lot of expectation riding on its shoulders. But just who is Cailee Spaeny? Here are five fun facts about Hollywood's next big thing.

1. This Will Be Her Third Ever Film!

Spaeny in 'Counting To 1000'.
Spaeny in 'Counting To 1000'.

The eighteen-year-old actress has only acted in two films before, Counting To 1000 and The Shoes, which is in post-production. Yet she already shows immense promise with Counting To 1000 winning best Best Action/Thriller/Sci-Fi Student Short at this years Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. Check out the trailer below:

2. Her Early Life Was Basically 'Adventureland'

Photo By Dave Herholz
Photo By Dave Herholz

Spaeny grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and like many American teenagers she spent her early summers working in a nearby theme park, i.e. living out the plot of Adventureland. She worked at Silver Dollar City, the most famous theme park in The Show-Me state and possibly the entirety of the Midwest. Renowned for its unabashed frontier spirit — it boasts a total of 40 different rides, including Powder Keg, Outlaw Run and Thunderation.

Want More Pacific Rim News? We're Your Definitive Source:

3. She Learned Her Trade in Religious Theatre

Photo: Sight and Sound Theatre
Photo: Sight and Sound Theatre

After working at Silver Dollar City, Spaeny was a performer at Sight & Sound Theatres. A Christian institution with the aim of bringing the bible to life, it boasts spectacular past performances of Joseph, Noah and Daniel and The Lions Den. Lets hope she can bring the same religious fervor to the highly revered Pacific Rim franchise!

4. She Has A Great Instagram Account

If the acting and the singing don't work out, maybe Spaeny should think about becoming an artist instead, her Instagram feed showing both her eye for pictorial detail and her kooky sense of humor. Take this snap for example, showing her messing around in launderette:

Or when she showed her appreciation for art:

5. She's An Accomplished Singer

Not only is she going to be a huge actress, Spaeny could also be the next big thing in pop music. Check out her single "Fallin" below, a glossy pop song with shades of Charli XCX:

If you are feeling more patriotic, you can also watch her perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Hammons Field in Springfield, Missouri:

Let's hope she can imbue Pacific Rim with the same patriotic spirit!

Tell us in the comments: Will she have what it takes to cancel the apocalypse?

Source: Variety


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