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Warning: Spoilers for the first Pacific Rim movie to follow!

The mecha vs. monsters vs. inter-dimensional alien epic that is Pacific Rim will finally return in 2018 with the highly anticipated sequel to Guillermo del Toro's 2013 movie. Titled Pacific Rim: Uprising, the sequel will follow on from the events of the first movie, which saw the giant robot Jaeger Gypsy nuke the inter-dimensional 'Breach' in the Pacific Ocean, which allowed the Kaiju to enter our world and wreak havoc.

The sequel's star, John Boyega, recently took to Twitter to confirm he's officially wrapped filming in China. His tweet stated, "It's been an amazing six months," and was accompanied by a photo of him walking away from Qingdao's equivalent of LA's iconic Hollywood sign.

It's not the first picture Boyega has shared from the set; perhaps his amateur photography is Boyega's way of appreciating a kind of freedom he didn't have when was in production. He also shared this prop/poster of the Jaeger Gypsy earlier this month, who is likely a hero in the new Kaiju-free world:

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He also confirmed his character's name — Jake Pentecost — with this shot from the set last month:

Director Steven S. DeKnight now has just under a year to get the movie ready for release, with Legendary Pictures teasing a February 23 release date. We don't know any plot details so far, although we assume that Boyega's Pentecost and Scott Eastwood's character are drift-compatible pilots. Charlie Hunnam is not returning, prompting an Will Smith/Independence Day 2 K.I.A/A.W.O.L explanation scenario. Unfortunately, there will be no Idris Elba either, because of his heroic death at the end of the first movie. However, 's breakthrough actress Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori) will thankfully be returning, as will Charlie Day (Newton Geisler) and Burn Gorman (Gottlieb). Having said this, an official cast list, plot summary, or trailer has yet to be released.

'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Warner Bros./Legendary]
'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Warner Bros./Legendary]

Shooting has been taking place in Australia and China, inkeeping with the Pan-Pacific aesthetic of the first movie. Even though we have zero idea how the film will pan out, I imagine we can expect more Jaegers, bigger Kaiju and a whole lot more insanity when Pacific Rim: Uprising is released February 23, 2018.


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