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Mark Newton

If Pacific Rim is only half as outrageously awesome as I hope it is, we'll still be in for one hell of a Kaiju-ass-kicking extravaganza. Massive robots vs massive monsters is exciting enough, but stick a true auteur like behind the camera, and even pretentious cinephiles like me can get behind it.

We've now got a new TV spot and featurette which rocket punches more awesomeness into your face. In the featurette we get an in-depth look at the design process that went into delivering our robot saviors, while the new TV spot puts It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia funnyman front and center. From the looks of it, he'll be filling the standard 'Mr. Scientist' role. Check them both out below:



What do you think? Which is your favorite Jaeger? Personally, my vote goes to Cherno Alpha. He just looks like the epitome of bad-ass. Let me know your favorite below.


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