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's epic mech vs. monster mash-up, Pacific Rim, hasn't made any massive Stateside waves (despite seeing all kinds of awesome creatures tearing lumps out of each other), but the international box office for the movie is really making up the difference with the movie's Chinese opening raking in a record $9 million for Warner Bros.

In fact, Pacific Rim debuted so big that it out-performed Harry Potter in China by 23%, as well as taking 70% of the country's box office total. According to Deadline, the flick's overall international success could help secure the much-talked-about sequel planned by Del Toro and original screenwriter .

It's also worth noting that as Warner Bros. only invested 25% of the Pacific Rim budget, the sequel falls on Legendary Entertainment CEO 's shoulders, who Deadline says would like a franchise. Good man!

Pacific Rim was like one giant, well-made nerdgasm for me. Especially that scene of the flying Kaiju getting his wings chopped off in slow-mo...that really made my day. What do you think? Are you down with a sequel to this mass destruction movie? Let me know what you think below!



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