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’s, Pacific Rim is a film that can only be described as 'epic'. From its captivating first second to its triumphant end, Pacific Rim is, in a nutshell, nothing short of a masterpiece.

Combining two big movie types, the monster movie and the robot movie, this film undoubtedly brings together everything that you could hope for from a summer blockbuster.

When the trailer dropped, I had no words. All I knew was that I had to see this movie, and boy am I glad I did. Pacific Rim isn’t just a movie, it’s an experience, and one that should be had in a cinema/movie theatre.

I expected thrilling action, explosions and monster-smashing and I got that, but what I also got was a compelling storyline, humour and characters that are so much more than just people in a monster/robot movie. When a film is so visually amazing, it’s easy to get lost in the action and the look of it all. It’s easy to forget the characters and the fact that the film actually has a storyline, but with a stroke of genius, Pacific Rim combines an exciting storyline, characters that feel real, and amazing visual effects resulting in one hell of a movie!

Each character has their moment to shine and in a short amount of time, we see why they’re all so invested in the Jaeger program. The idea of the ‘drift’ makes for an interesting addition to the story as does the two pilot system.

What’s even more interesting is Dr. Newton Geiszler’s ‘drift’ with a Kaijus brain. Twice. That is very much a two way street and there is no way in hell that this thing is over...not when the Kaiju have two direct connections to our world. (Dr Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb) .

Which can only mean one thing…


In short, Pacific Rim was AMAZING! Countless F*ck Yeah! Moments, talented cast, flawless visual effects, compelling characters, humour and sadness in all the right places and of course, some good old monster-thrashing!

I was not any any point during this film disappointed, nor do I think they needed to do anything differently, so I give Pacific Rim a…



10/10 !!!

If you haven’t seen it already GO NOW!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

In the time you spend NOT watching it, something bad could happen!! (see below for example)

Side Note: If anyone needs me to pilot a Jaeger, I’m totally available. I’m done building these stupid walls. ;)


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