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This summer's massive smash-up between robots and aliens, Pacific Rim, is almost upon us, with the movie stomping its way into theaters on July 12th. Like with any summer blockbuster, the promotional lead-up to the film is kicking into overdrive these past few weeks, with the obligatory press rounds and interviews by the cast, as well as last-minute trailer cuts and posters.

But maybe the coolest bit of promo material to come from the Pacific Rim camp is the movie's soundtrack, which is now streaming through Spotify. I've got to admit, I'm pretty stoked that Tom Morello is involved with it. Check it out:

Even with the marketing campaign, some troubling news has surfaced regarding the monster flick: For some inexplicable reason, Pacific Rim seems to be having challenges attracting audience's excitement, with Grown Ups 2 tracking higher than Pacific Rim at the moment. If this is true, and I am living in a world in which an awful sequel to an awful original film are generating more enthusiasm than a freaking film featuring giant robots and aliens and an awesome cast, I am going to end it all.


Seriously, how is this movie going to be ANYTHNG but amazing? One thing is for certain, with an estimated $200 million budget, Warner Bros. and del Toro better pray the movie fares better in theaters than its tracking is showing. And Hellboy fans better pray it makes bank, as well, or we can kiss any chance of seeing Hellboy 3 goodbye.

What do you think, Moviepilots? From the feedback we've been getting, you're all pumped to see this movie. So is tracking a load of horse--well, you know. Or is it a legitimate tool to gauge how well a movie will do in theaters? Let us know what you think.

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