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While 's monster-robot mash-up Pacific Rim has had a mediocre domestic run that has seen it net $92.3 million so far on a $200 million budget, plans for a Pacific Rim 2 are already in the works, with Del Toro even hinting that he had thought about changing things up in the sequel.

But China has done much to boost faith in the decision to greenlight a second film, as THR reports Pacific Rim scored big in China with a whopping $45.2 million debut, the biggest opening of all time for a Warner Bros. film in China, and the sixth-biggest opening for a Hollywood film ever. Not too shabby for a film with an inexplicably tepid return from a U.S. audience. The strong Chinese opening has helped push the film to a $200 million international gross and $293 million overall haul.

The results from China for the alien invasion flick underscore the troubled relationship Hollywood has with China. The Faustian deal Hollywood studios have struck with Chinese financiers is, appropriately enough, akin to a Chinese fingertrap - now that the studios are in it, they can't get out. Studios are having a hard time footing the entire budget for huge blockbusters, so Chinese financiers back the production, but in doing so, film versions screened in China are often vastly different than what the rest of the world sees.

And working so closely with Chinese financiers has also proved to be difficult, with the China Film Group refusing to hand over any box office payments until the dispute over which side pays for value-added tax is settled. As a result, Hollywood hasn't seen a dime of revenue from China since late last year, but can't threaten to withhold their films with Chinese audiences providing so much revenue.

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