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Sophie Atkinson

Haha, toys, eh, just for little kids!

But yeah. Don't go in my room ever, please. What? You already went in? And you saw - oh, well - err - you don't get it, those aren't toys, they're limited edition action figures: very valuable, very grown up - so mitts off!

Toy lovers and 'action figure collectors' will be pleased to learn that toy makers are releasing miniatures of Pacific Rim creatures. If you kept a sharp lookout during the trailers, you might have noticed the big Knifehead Kaiju, a monster from the sci-fi flick. The monster will have its own miniature figurine along with Jaegers Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon.

All must haves for any discerning nerd's bedroom collection, no?

Pacific Rim centers on a world in danger - when monsters known as Kaiju start rising from the sea, a war begins that will consume millions of lives. The only solution is to build massive robots called Jaegers to take them down. But when even the Jaegers don't prove equal to the Kaiju, humanity will have to turn to two unlikely heroes...

Pacific Rim will hit a screen near you on 12th July. Its cast includes , , , and .

There are more images of the Knifehead Kaiju toy below - does this look like something you'd buy? Or is it strictly for kids?


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