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If you've been following director 's marketing campaign for Pacific Rim, that means you're probably one of those people baffled by the news that more audiences reportedly want to watch Grown Ups 2. But hey - remember everyone said how much of a complete and utter disaster World War Z was? That ended up being okay. Maybe I'm living in denial, but I have a feeling positive word of mouth will generate buzz about this film. I'm still a little confused why the marketing campaign didn't point out del Toro as the guy behind Pan's Labyrinth, but I guess you take what you can get in a movie about monsters vs. giant robots.

The Kaiju will destroy San Francisco when Pacific Rim is released July 12. Here's the final, epic trailer, which focuses more on the human characters than anything we've seen come out of this film before.


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Are you guys excited for this or are you one of those people who'd rather see Grown Ups 2?


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