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For those who don't have significant others (or have recently broken up with theirs), Valentine's day is a nightmare you can't escape; the whole universe bleeds red and pink, while chocolate, flowers and sappy cards choke you until your lips are blue and perfectly un-kissable.

Don't get too depressed, though, because there's a cure, and it doesn't come from the Hallmark store. It comes from the bottom of the ocean. Pacific Rim is the answer for those who wish to be inflicted with a different kind of sweet sickness.

Strap in, lock and load, and and forget about everyone who isn't drift compatible, because this is why Pacific Rim is the perfect Valentine's day companion.

1. Pacific Rim Has Love Deeper Than The Ocean

It's no secret that the best love flows deep. Pacific Rim opened up an entire portal to another world at the bottom of the big blue, just to show you how much it cares. Out flows the most powerful examples of affection you've ever seen: the Kaiju. Never mind these affections—possibly afflictions—are a bit grotesque. We can't all be perfect, can we?

2. Pacific Rim Breaks Down Your Walls

You'd think nothing is more impressive than a portal at the bottom of the sea, but Pacific Rim just doesn't know where to stop. It sends Kaiju to break down your walls and demolish old, tired bridges.

'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Legendary Pictures]
'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Legendary Pictures]

Perhaps you're a little sharp around the edges. Perhaps someone has hurt you and you've had no choice to raise your spikes, but Pacific Rim doesn't mind. It shreds right through your emotional defenses, because your heart is the ultimate prize.

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3. Pacific Rim Is A Little Bit Dangerous

'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Legendary Pictures]
'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Legendary Pictures]

Relationships need balance, and that's why Jaegers like Gypsy Danger exists. The raw power of Pacific Rim's Kaiju are prone to overstepping boundaries. Gypsy Danger knocks them back with a solid iron fist. Literally. Love is a war, and no war would be complete without giant Jaegers like Gypsy fighting on the offense.

4. Pacific Rim Can Read Your Mind

When Valentine's Day rolls around, everyone tries to play down the importance of drift compatibility. They'll say it's not a big deal. If your souls aren't tied in that special way, it's okay. But for Pacific Rim, it isn't okay. Drift compatibility is the highest form of intimacy, and without it, no relationship is complete.

Pacific Rim is drift compatible with you. It's true. It knows what you want before you know it yourself. Getting tired of all the talk and the emotional flashbacks? Here's a giant robot swinging a freighter like a baseball bat. Scene after scene, Pacific Rim shows just how closely it understands your hidden desires.

5. Pacific Rim Would Cancel The Apocalypse For You

Here's the kicker. Here's the real supercharged mechanical robot gut-punch we're all afraid to hear, but want to so desperately. Pacific Rim says it with pride, with power, and with conviction. Pacific Rim bares its soul for you with that line (thank you, Idris Elba).

'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Legendary Pictures]
'Pacific Rim' [Credit: Legendary Pictures]

It isn't afraid of commitment and it most certainly isn't afraid to face adversity. Who else lives with the same sense of reckless abandon, and who else would be so unapologetic in their passion? Pacific Rim understands that love is a high-stakes game. It doesn't hold back. It charges forward into danger, just for you.

Without a doubt, Pacific Rim is the perfect companion for Valentine's Day. It's a true spectacle, but it's also a loving and understanding piece of work. There's only one thing in the universe that could possibly compete with this film, and that's Pacific Rim: Uprising. But with a February 23, 2018 release date, we'll have to live through one more Valentine's Day before we get there.

It's a good thing we know how to survive.

What about Pacific Rim made you fall in love with the movie?


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