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's Pacific Rim and 's Transformers: Age of Extinction have got one very distinct thing in common; they both feature giant mechanized warriors that can smash the crap out of each other. In the Pacific Rim corner we've got the Jaegers, powerful human-controlled robots that have been commissioned to smash the Kaiju back to the stone age. In the Transformers corner we've got the Decepticons, shape-changing, planet-hopping, alien robots, that love nothing more than cracking wise while smashing skulls.

Both movies are due for release in the next 12 months, with Pacific Rim hitting theaters July 12th and Transformers 4 landing June 27, 2014. Even Michael Bay and Guillermo del Toro have gotten in on the action by dissing the other's franchise. This got me thinking (a dangerous game, I know); what would happen if the Jaegers went toe-to-toe with the Decepticons? Who would reign supreme? Who would be crowned Deadliest Warrior?


The Jaegers are controlled by humans through a neural bridge, while the Decepticons are sentient alien robots that can adapt to any situation.

Winner- Decepticons

Size and strength

There's no doubt that the Decepticons are intimidating mofos that can cause some serious damage, but the Jaegers are frickin' massive and cast a shadow over the tallest skyscraper. The Decepticons might be able to transform into a heavy-duty vehicle, but the Jaegers can pick that vehicle up and use it to smash you in the face.

Winner- Jaeger


With great size comes less mobility, so what the Decepticons lack in brute strength they make up for with speed, agility and dexterity.

Winner- Decepticons


The Jaegers posses some seriously heavy-duty weaponry, such as the I-19 Plasmacaster, Missile Chest Launchers and Tesla Fists. If all else fails, they can pick up a oil tanker and wield it like a baseball bat. Booyah!

The Decepticons are also no slouches in the weapon-wielding department and can do some serious damage with a host of melee and directed-energy weapons. There's also the small (or should that be big) matter of Unicron, who spends a lot of his spare time devouring realities.

Winner- Jaegers, unless Unicron is involved. In which case we're all screwed.


If it came down to a one-on-one, winner takes all death match, I think the Jaegers would take it, just. Either way, humanity would be left with a rather expensive clean-up bill.

What do you guys think? Who would be crowned deadliest warrior? Drop your theories in the comment section below!



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