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"Based on a true story" and are usually mutually exclusive things, and anyone who has seen a Bay movie understands why. Still, judging from the red band trailer for the upcoming Pain & Gain, it seems to be much less, "Here's a big set piece, now let's make it go BOOM!" than usual, and is instead a (somewhat) a smaller action film. Don't get me wrong. Of COURSE there are explosions - this is, after all, a Michael Bay film we're talking about - but it seems to be, dare I say, a bit more comedic and character-driven than most of his work.

The original, true story was first told in an article in the Miami New Times. The movie follows a trio of bodybuilders in Miami who get caught up in a kidnapping and extortion scheme that goes horribly (and hilariously) wrong.

I'm really not sure how to classify this. Action? Comedy? Drama? All? It may not seem like a pressing question, but it's actually quite challenging to blend comedy into the weave of a more serious action film and make it work without feeling choppy or forced.

Still, is one talented actor when he turns it on, and his brand of comedic timing is made for the role of well-meaning but clueless buffoon. Likewise, also has a sometimes surprisingly solid nose for comedy, at least when playing a foil to Wahlberg's (only slightly) smarter lead. In addition, 's star has been continuously on the rise for a few years, albeit in more serious genres, so it will be refreshing to see him tackle a movie with so many comedic elements.

Quite a few legitimate funnymen and women also round out the cast, including my pretend-bff and drinking buddy (other than ), , , and . is also in it to remind us that kidnapping and extortion are still serious business. All in all, it's a solid supporting cast Bay has rounded up for himself.

Dare I say I'm looking forward to this? Pain & Gain hits theaters on April 26th.


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