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Instead of tongues wagging about the latest films to look out for at , critics, fans and celebrities were left gawping thanks to a certain Hollywood starlet. 's new look certainly (swim) suits her, but the 49-year-old caused a splash with a shocking change from her usual appearance.

Anderson is largely remembered for her *erm* assets more than her acting, but in 2017, she will be remembered for ditching her voluptuous blonde bombshell persona for a more refined look. From scandalous sex tapes to bouncing bosoms, Pammy still knows how to grab the headlines.

Damn Son, Anderson

Stepping out on the red carpet at the film festival in the south of France, paparazzi were left gobsmacked and could hardly believe they were actually snapping Anderson. Appearing at the premiere of 120 Beats Per Minute, she was seen wearing a sleek navy number from Vivienne Westwood and pulling her signature blonde locks back into a slick Basic Instinct look.

With remarkably less makeup then we are used to, some didn't recognize Anderson without her slap-on and without being squeezed into a red bikini. It was certainly a case of Pamela Glamderson as she flirted her way down the carpet and was more than happy with the attention.

Gone are Pamela's swimsuit days as CJ Parker on the popular series from 1992 to 1997, replaced with a slightly Jocelyn Wildenstein-esque change to her face. The new (and improved?) Pamela harks back to the incident in 2014 when the public was shocked at Renée Zellweger's very different appearance.

A closer search for Anderson on Instagram reveals the before and after, but we can expect an even better look when she breaststrokes back onto our screens in the Baywatch reboot. While Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are the leads of Paramount's coastline comedy, it is confirmed that Anderson will appear in a cameo role. Kelly Rohrbach may have replaced Pamela as the new CJ, but the model-cum-actress will pick up as "young" CJ's mother.

Whether or not Anderson's look is the result of some Hollywood enhancements or not, there is no denying that she looks fabulous just days away from her 50th birthday.

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