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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Pamela Anderson may be known as one of the world's most famous Playmates, but the blonde bombshell is trying to shed this label and educate others about the dangers of porn and the importance of sensuality in sexual relations.

The Baywatch siren took to the stage at Oxford University to give a lecture on the dangers of porn consumption and how we are all in need of a "sensual revolution":

The actress made valid points about how we are so unmoved by the porn industry due to the fact that it's a part of our day to day existence. Anderson commented on how she felt we've lost the closeness and emotion required to have "good sex." According to Pammy's impassioned words, only by weaning ourselves off the blue movies and getting to know our partners will we be truly satisfied.

In honor of Pamela's attempt at spearheading a sensual revolution, let's take a look at her most erotic and romantic movies scenes so far:

1. Naked Souls (1996)

Naked Souls may not have been an Oscar winning masterpiece, but this scene shows real intimacy and respect between a loving couple. Pamela gives us serious romantic fantasies in this sex scene. There's a fireplace, a soulful '90s soundtrack with a bonus massage, what more could you ask for?

2. Barb Wire (1996)

Pamela doing what Pamela does best here, making the whole audience want her with a mere glimpse of her salacious curves. Barb Wire is a wonderful cult classic and Barb is by no means afraid of her sensuality and uses it to disarm the villains she comes across.

3. Baywatch (1992-1997)

We couldn't do a Pammy list and not include Baywatch could we? Anderson's character CJ was every teenage boys fantasy and though her figure oozed sex appeal, her personality still had an innocence to it. Plus, there's something very erotic about seeing CJ run in slow motion in that tight, red swimming costume.

These scenes are more sensual than obscene and very much celebrate female sexuality. However, Pamela has also had more than her fair share of more explicit movie scenes.

It's her history and experience though, that make her point more relevant. Anderson has been at the forefront of the porn and sex industry and has seen it from both sides. You have to think to yourself, if a former porn star says porn is bad, well, there must be something truly awful about it.

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Here are some of Pamela's more explicit scenes:

4. Barb Wire (1996)

This BDSM scene in Barb Wire is definitely more porny than sensual. The aggression shown towards Barb by the male character wanders into sexual violence territory and only when Barb commits hardcore sex acts with this paying customer is she able to take back control. Definitely not date-night material.

5. Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise (1995)

This is one big porn cliche cringe fest. Pamela is being objectified by a perfect stranger, who not only touches her without permission, but also squirts "suncream" all over her. It's embarrassing to watch and certainly sends out the wrong message as to how men should interact with women.

6. Snapdragon (1993)

This entire movie is basically a big snuff film. The combination of violence, murder and prostitution makes this movie incredibly explicit. Snapdragon is one of Pamela's earlier movies and it seems to have set the tone for the type of acting she would do in many movies to follow. The 1993 film is by no means sensual and is a self proclaimed "psychosexual thriller," so it's fair to say it's probably not advocating loving and romantic sex in anyway.

The message Pamela is pushing with her "sensual revolution" is no doubt an important one. In a world consumed by porn it's easy to see why it could lead to (in her words) terrible sex. Her experience and understanding is what makes her the perfect advocate for change because if Pamela's said it's gone too far, it definitely has crossed the line.


Are you for or against Pamela Anderson's "Sensual revolution?"


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