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Poor Lance Armstrong!

It seems that so many in Hollywood are ready to mount their saddles and race each other to produce a movie about the shamed cyclist. At the current time of writing, there is a three bike race to make a movie on Armstrong (see what I did there?)

One of these projects is being developed by Paramount and director . Announced straight after Armstrong "fessed up", they have now set writer to begin writing a script based on the tell-all book by reporter Juliet Macur entitled Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong. However, the book will not be released until March 2014... talk about jumping the gun.

Writer, DeVincentis, known perhaps for his BAFTA nominated screenplay for High Fidelity, is currently adapting the classic supernatural horror series Kolchak: The Night Stalker for Disney and . He has also scripted Bengali Detective for Fox Searchlight.

So what are your feelings towards the avalanche of Lance Armstrong films? We think they sound pretty dope.

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