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Three months ago, at approximately 5:15pm, on a Sunday Paranormal Activity 4 began and I was reminded why I'm such a big fan of this awesome franchise. Yeah, I love the interesting mythology that the writers have concocted, the confused characters that always die, but mostly I love the pleasure of a NEW Paranormal Activity movie and the NEW scares that come with said pleasure. It's why I won't watch any of the movies a second time as the attraction for me is seeing what new and inventive ways the filmmakers can use to scare the shit out of me and my slightly less wimpy (but no less jumpy) girlfriend.

With Pararnormal Activity 4 finished and soon to be available on DVD and Blu-Ray, I couldn't help but turn my thoughts to the next big question: What will Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension be about? Since the weekend is in sight, I thought the time was right to share my thoughts with you. So here goes...

Paranormal Activity 5: The Possession

For two of the four movies, we've been told by figures of authority (Grandma Lois and... uh, a book) that Toby, our titular Paranormal Activist is looking for a boy born to Grandma Lois's own family. Finally in the form of Hunter/Wyatt, Toby now has his boy and can move on with the next stage of his master plan: Possess the boy and take over the world!

OK, it seems like a stretch for the notoriously low-fi franchise, but what does that demon want? Why does he want the boy? There has to be some sort of apocalyptic end game for Toby, right? Since any and all protagonists that have gone up against Grandma Lois, her hundreds of witches and Toby and crazy Katie have ended up totally dead, there doesn't seem to be much chance of a happy ending. Apocalypse it is.

Paranormal Activity 5: When Lois Met Toby

Part 3 in the franchise seemed to indicate that Grandma Lois has been behind most of what's been going on. We've already confirmed that she's an ageless witch from Victorian times who's been manipulating her own family (if they are, in actual fact, her own family) into giving birth to a boy for omnipresent demon Toby, but we've yet to find out why. She's corrupted/possessed her own granddaughter Katie to the point where she's nothing more than a snarling beast and she's murdered the rest of the family. But, why? WHY, LOIS, WHY?

Perhaps Toby is a little more than simply a cantankerous demon with a hankering for boy-meat. Perhaps Toby is Grandfather Toby, deceased husband of Grandma Lois and needs someone of his own bloodline to accept him into their body so that he can return from the dead? All Lois's moves and motivations could come from love. But, Satan only knows what sort of relationship she'll have with her dead husband's mind in an eight year old's body. Ew.

Paranormal Activity 5: Four Seasons Of Death

Lets flip the dynamic! Lets put all the activity in a busy hotel with a sleepy night watchman on CCTV duties and enjoy the results. The inventiveness of the scares could be tripled here. Imagine elevators turning on and moving by themselves as the confused night watchman scratches his head.

Lights go on in empty rooms, guests are dragged screaming from their beds, the chef is impaled with his own knife, the pool covers go on with people still in the pool; the possibilities are endless. I don't know how and I don't know why, but let's get Toby, Katie & Co checking into the Four Seasons Beverly Hills and see what happens!

Paranormal Activity 5: Paranormal Witch Project

No shame in stealing from a less successful franchise. Let's take this activity on the road. New protagonists, desperate to uncover the truth after tracking the events of the first four movies for many years, realize that all the activity is centered around one area: A cabin in the woods that used to be the satanic church for a coven of witches.

Our new protagonists head into the forest where the activity gets worse and worse as they get closer to it. Both heroes have a camera strapped to their heads to record everything and trek further and further towards the source, with the intent of destroying it once and for all. They fail, obviously.

Paranormal Activity 5: The Teenage Years

My thinking is that this is the most interesting and likely option for where Paranormal Activity 5 could go. We pick up some five to seven years after the events of Part 4, where young Hunter has now grown up into a precocious and angst-ridden teen. Cue school trips to graveyards, dark doings in the gym and a spunky teacher who wants to uncover the truth as to why his students keep going missing. Cast We Need To Talk About Kevin's Ezra Miller as the now-teenage Hunter and you have a recipe for school horror like we've never seen before.

Phew! Well that's my brain all tapped out. I'm sure there are better theories as to where part five will go but these are the best (and the most awesome) that I could come up with. I'm hoping for Toby and Lois being a couple but I'm thinking we're going to be delayed our answers in favor of Hunter bothering his fellow classmates. Either way you can see what I'm getting at here: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension MUST do one of two things to remain relevant in the horror world. It must provide answers to what the heck has been going on, or it must flip the dynamic and take us out of the house.

Just my opinion as to how this franchise can survive (and I hope it does). Your move, Grandma Lois.

Relive all the horror of part 4 right now with the release of Paranormal Activity 4 on DVD and Blu-Ray 1/29.

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