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The directors behind Paranormal activity are set to return with something equally as bloodcurdling and gripping.

and Ariel Shulman, who broke into the industry with Catfish in 2010, have been lined up by Lionsgate Studios to jump on the 'young adult' bandwagon by adapting a novel entitled 'Nerve' for the silver screen.

The cover of the Jeanne Ryan novel, Nerve

The storyline of the novel by Jeanna Ryan embroils technology and a young teenager desperately seeking approval with chilling results. The official synopsis is as follows;

The novel tells of a high school senior wallflower who, in an attempt to broaden her horizons, joins a global online game of provocative truth or dare while an audience of "watchers" vote and comment. But as she becomes a sensation and advances higher and higher, the game evolves and soon she finds herself in a dangerous and life-ending situation

That is all of the information that has been released so far, but , one of the writers and producers for American Horror Story, has written the adaption so I have every confidence it will be a thrillride!

Are you guys excited to get your nerves rattled?

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