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Personally, I couldn't think of anything more terrifying than a Paranormal Activity style indie horror game, having had hallucinations about being dragged out of my bed for four months after watching the second one, but alas, Matt Cohen has made this horrifying nightmare a reality and devised Paranormal.

According to BloodyDisgusting:

Its randomly generated haunts lend it an element of unpredictability that more horror games would benefit from, and its ambitious upcoming expansion, The Town aims to take everything to a whole new level.

For those of you who want to but just can not afford to dedicate an hour or two to fighting demons, then thankfully Cohen has also announced that he intends to 'bring Paranormal to Android — and possibly iOS; which may happen potentially later this year.' This will be good news for those of you who find yourselves constantly on the go.

Already, many horror franchises have attempted to take on the mobile platform, however they have arguably never really reached the same level of 'experience' compared with the almighty 'PC and Console games'. One example Bloody Disgusting offer, is Dead Space which is very much a 'competently made mobile horror game', however Silent Hill: The Escape fails to engage as much as the films, rendering it kind of redundant.

Matt Cohen is also planning to eventually:

Bring the mobile version to PC, complete with improved visuals, as free DLC for those who own Paranormal on Steam or Desura.

He told Bloody Disgusting (via Twitter):

My intention is to not dumb down the gameplay just because of the mobile platform. A common mistake, in my opinion.

Well it sounds like Cohen knows what he's talking about, having taken into consideration the failings of those which have come before him. Lets hope he can make Paranormal as intoxicating and scary as the films on which they are based.

Source: Bloody Disgusting



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