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Back in the glory days when having the word "juicy" embellished across your buttocks was high fashion and frosted tips were, like, so hot, and were BFFs and mere embryos on their journey to global fame.

Sadly, a vicious struggle for status and an arena to shill sickly sweet perfume to the masses led to the once Siamese-socialites parting ways with no love lost, but a Khristmas miracle has brought them back together. Hallelujah!

In an Instagram snap shared by none other than the Hilton heiress and DJ herself, Paris and Kim can be seem standing side-by-side in solidarity, shining brightly like festive angels of forgiveness and compassion:

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Which, considering Kim once shared this throwback photo where she looks like a glimmering goddess and Paris looks like a sunburned emu, is even more remarkable:

That is so not hot [Credit: Instagram]
That is so not hot [Credit: Instagram]

Although that infamous "clean my closet, Kim" moment might be nothing more than an internet myth, it is no secret that Hilton and Kardashian's relationship went downhill faster than a bobsleigh full of hippos during the mid '00s. While this might have been, like, totally awks for anyone moving in socialite circles, it did give us mere peasants moments of pure delicious shade like this:

While the dastardly duo have clearly matured to at least put a polite face on in public, there is still hope for further drama because Paris has been introduced to the next generation of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. We have faith in you, Kylie:

Do you think Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton will join forces to create a vapid super-empire?


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