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Spending over a decade languishing in development hell, the epic intergalactic romance drama, Passengers, will finally hit theatres in time for Christmas. Initially pegged to star Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon, the movie will now see and as the two lovers who wake up in the midst of a 120-year-long journey through space.

With hopes that Academy Award nominated director, Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) can steer the movie to astronomical heights, here’s all the ' Passengers news, rumors and updates for your reading pleasure, all in one dazzling place.

Passengers News and Rumors

  • 14 Dec 2016: Jennifer Lawrence Defaces Chris Pratt’s Face On The Side Of The Passengers Tour Bus

Speaking on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show about Chris’s new obsession for posting photos of both the Passengers stars to his Instagram, but continually cropping J-Law out of them, it would appear that Jennifer finally reached her limit. Storming out of the Jimmy Kimmel studio the star proceeded to scrawl all over Chris Pratt’s face on the side of their tour bus, changing his name to "Chris Rat" and drawing a devils mustache above his top lip.

  • 11 Dec 2016: While Promoting Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence Revealed She Nearly Crushed A Man With Her Butt

Promoting Passengers on the UK's Graham Norton Show J-Law revealed that while shooting for The Hunger Games in Hawaii, she nearly killed the movie's sound guy by rubbing her butt on some sacred rocks which were "perfect for spud scratching.” Since the interview, Hawaiians have demanded an apology for her culturally insensitive behavior.

  • 05 Oct 2016: Passengers Has Reversed The Gender Pay Gap
Passengers [Credit:Colombia Pictures]
Passengers [Credit:Colombia Pictures]

Passengers has seemingly reversed the gender pay gap with reports stating that Jennifer Lawrence received $20million for her role, whereas Chris Pratt received $12million. With Forbes announcing in August that Jennifer Lawrence was, for the second time in a row, the highest paid actress of the year, it perhaps comes as no surprise that J-Law knows how to fight for what she’s worth.

Passengers Trailer

Passengers Release Date

The Passengers release date is set for a wonderfully festive December 21st 2016 release. There are no festival premieres but the movie will be released in 3D and RealD 3D formats worldwide, with the international roll out running all the way through from Christmas up to January 12, 2017.

Passengers Plot Outline

Thirty years into its 120 year voyage, two out of the 5,259 people traveling on the Starship Avalon headed toward the distant "Homestead Colony" are accidentally awoken from their hypersleep. From here we watch as Aurora (Lawrence) and Jim (Pratt), the only two "passengers" to awaken develop a complex romance which is endangered by a life-threatening problem aboard the ship. Naturally.

But, you guessed it, there are twists in store. Did they really wake up accidentally or were they woken up for a specific purpose? *Holds baited breath.*

Passengers Cast & Characters

Jennifer Lawrence As Aurora Lane

First making waves with a blistering performance in Winters Bone, Academy-Award winner Jennifer Lawrence has wowed audiences with excellent performances in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Joy as well as helming the vastly successful Hunger Games series.

In Passengers, J-Law is cast as Aurora Lane, a writer who is awoken from her hypersleep aboard the Starship Avalon, who has to deal with the prospect of being one of only two people awake on the ship until she dies.

Chris Pratt As Jim Preston

From his inauspicious beginnings in Parks and Recreation to his breakout role as Star Lord in Guardians of The Galaxy, Pratt's boy-next-door charm is key to understanding his immense likability. With Jurassic World he officially broke out as a household name, and he looks set to do the same in Passengers.

Playing Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer who, like Aurora, has also awoken aboard the Starship Avalon 90 years early, it's hinted at that he may actually know more than he's letting on, especially concerning the real reason that both he and Aurora have been awoken.

Michael Sheen As Arthur

After becoming an accomplished Shakespearian actor in the 1990s, Michael Sheen moved into film and television in the 2000s, playing Tony Blair three times. He also stars in the critically acclaimed Showtime series Masters of Sex, and now will be playing Arthur, a robotic bartender in Passengers. Things are clearly going from strength to strength for Mr Sheen!

Laurence Fishburne As Chief Gus Mancuso

Making his debut in Apocalypse Now as a fifteen-year-old fighting in the Vietnam war, Fishburne has since acted in a bunch of cult crime films before landing his most famous role as Orpheus in The Matrix Trilogy. In Passengers, Laurence is cast as Gus Mancuso, a "spacer" who has spent pretty much his entire lifetime in space.

Obsessed with interplanetary travel, Gus has made around six voyages to several different planets and has absolutely no attachment to Earth, his eye always being on what lies beyond the horizon.

Aurora Perrineau As Celeste

Chasing Life
Chasing Life

Daughter of Harold Perrineau, Aurora is a relative newcomer, best known for her work on Jem, a live-action version of the animated TV series. Cast back in February to play the role of Celeste, Aurora's best friend in Passengers, we're interested to see exactly how she features in the movie even though only Aurora and Jim are awake aboard the starship.

Passengers Spoilers

Footage from CinemaCon has revealed a few clues as to just what is going to take place in the highly anticipated movie.

Warning! Passenger Spoilers Ahead!

Fans were shown a ship floating through space, with all the passengers sleeping. Jim suddenly wakes up, and walks around realizing that there is no one there. He meets an android bartender (played by Michael Sheen) who tells him that he shouldn't be there. A year later he meets a girl who is a writer from New York with much better accommodation than him. They both talk and she realizes there is no way of going back to hibernation. For fun they go to dinner, watch films and swim. He tells her she's beautiful and they make out. The fun stops however, when the ship loses its gravity, leaving the two of them to try and quickly figure out a solution.

Passengers Fan Theories

  • One of the more interesting Passengers theories comes from our very own Amie Marie Bohannon who proposes that the reason for Jim being let out of his pod early is that he is needed to fix the ship. Why Lawrence is also there is not so clear: perhaps a variation on the Adam and Eve story?
  • An article in Teen Vogue has noted, due to the class difference between the two characters, and their initial distrust of one another that (inevitably) turns into love, and the fact that the spaceship could be destroyed, that Passengers is basically just a space variation of The Titanic — which means we could see Jim dying in order to save Aurora. If so, it might be time to bring a handkerchief with you.

Where To Watch Passengers Online

The film has yet to be released yet, with a release date of December 21st, so as of yet there is nowhere to watch Passengers online — but watch this space!


In the future, would you like all bartenders to be robots?


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