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Patricia Clarkson is no stranger to dark comedy. After all, she most recently impressed us with her wonderfully acidic turn in Sally Potter's indie, The Party, and one of Clarkson's most iconic parts to date is still her unforgettable role as Sarah O'Connor on Six Feet Under.

Anyone who saw Alan Ball's seminal show will remember Clarkson's standout performance as the artistic yet highly strung Aunt Sarah, which won Patricia two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

Both funny and painfully dark, Clarkson's performance in The Party reminded us exactly why still retains a hold over fans twelve years after the show ended in 2005. For most of us, the groundbreaking HBO drama came to a satisfying conclusion in its fifth season — but in a world where projects are being revived daily, is there a chance that Six Feet Under could still have a future on or in the form of a movie?

Patricia Clarkson Won't Return To Appear On 'Six Feet Under'

Six Feet Under [HBO]
Six Feet Under [HBO]

While promoting The Party for competition in this year's , Movie Pilot sat down with to discuss what's next for the actress. Inevitably, talk soon led to whether Clarkson would reprise her role as Sarah O'Connor in a Six Feet Under revival. Unfortunately, fans should ready themselves for some disappointing news:

"Play Aunt Sarah? Oh God, no! [laughs] It was wonderful to be a part of that and Alan Ball is a genius, but no. It's nice to have done House of Cards though, to have that experience after working so much in film and then to step into theatre... but it's a different muscle, television. It's very, very demanding in a way. They pay you well though! [laughs]"

To be fair, Six Feet Under ended over a decade ago now, and Clarkson has since left her mark on the industry with a variety of other nuanced and unforgettable roles, so it's easy to see why Patricia would be hesitant to revisit the character of Sarah O'Connor.

But Could 'Six Feet Under' Ever Be Revived For A Sixth Season Or Movie?

Six Feet Under [HBO]
Six Feet Under [HBO]

Talk turned then to whether Alan Ball's darkly comic masterpiece could ever return to our screens, with or without Clarkson's involvement. After all, as more and more shows continue to be revived in recent years, rumors began to circulate that Six Feet Under could be extended for a sixth season too. However, Clarkson feels that this won't be possible:

I don't think so... I think [Six Feet Under] saw its course. I know a lot of people would love it, but I think [the show] had its run, beautifully, and with such a gorgeous group of actors."

While fans may be disappointed to hear that Six Feet Under won't return anytime soon, Clarkson's reasoning makes perfect sense. The final episode of Six Feet Under is hailed by many as one of the best ever aired on TV.

Relive the touching final scene of Six Feet Under below:

Few show finales so deftly tied up every loose end and gave viewers the satisfying ending that they deserve, but Six Feet Under achieved exactly that. To extend the show for a sixth season on Netflix or to even reunite the cast in a movie would cheapen the story of the Fishers, and any attempt to reboot would provoke outrage, tarnishing the legacy of Six Feet Under.

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As much as it pains us to agree, Clarkson is completely right. Sometimes, it's just best to let a beloved show naturally run its course. After all, the entire premise of Six Feet Under explored how the Fishers carefully respected the dead, and we couldn't think of a more fitting way to honor the show than to let it rest in peace.


Would you like to see a Six Feet Under revival?

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