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Despite writer slightly offensive Twitter addiction, people still love 's adaptation of his book, American Psycho. It's cult status is one of the many reasons - you know, besides Batman - that is a full-fledged A-list star. You've probably already heard that there's a stage musical in development and a potential sequel, but Deadline is reporting that Patrick Bateman will is also getting a TV series on FX.

The show will reportedly take place decades after the film. I'm still hoping that Bateman has an affinity for power suits, Robert Palmer, and Chardonnay. We don't know much except this: Bateman will apparently take a young, serial killing protege under his plastic-covered, blood-splattered wing. is acting as executive producer and writer for the series.

It'll be interesting to see how this series pans out. The main reason why Harron's film holds up so well is because of Bale's performance. It straddles the line of humor and horror while tackling really intense subjects like misogyny, the worst kind of narcissism, and class divides. TV has already taught us that we enjoy flawed heroes (Hello, Tony Soprano and Dexter), but I'm wondering how this show will be able to create an arc that makes the character relatable in some way.

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