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What would be the best thing about starring in a movie? Well, unsurprisingly it turns out its the fact you get to work with Denzel Washington.

recently caught up with Collider to describe his experience on the upcoming Washington and -starring action thriller, 2 Guns. Fischler explained:

When your two leads are Denzel and Mark Wahlberg, you know that people are going to see the movie. My number one selling point was that most of my stuff was with Denzel. That was a no-brainer. Working with him is an acting class, all in itself. He's very quiet. He stays to himself. He's not someone I chatted with a lot. But, when the cameras roll and he’s looking in your eyes, every time he looked at me, I was completely lost. I was just like, "Wow, you're so talented!" I had to bring myself back to acting, with him. It didn't take long, but I was just so lost in how amazingly talented that man is. I didn't get to work with Mark Wahlberg. It was a great experience. It was so much fun!

And now, because that quote was hardly the most interesting thing in the world, here is the explosive official trailer:


(via Youtube)

Looks like pretty good stuff. Well apart from the sacrilegious cover of 'All Along the Watchtower'...

What do you think? Are you getting excited for seeing Washington and Wahlberg fighting side by side in '2 Guns'?


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