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As most of us are worrying about whether or not Patrick Stewart will ever reprise his role as Professor X after his incredible performance in , he certainly has other things on his mind — his new dog! Stewart is now fostering a pitbull named Ginger and is sharing outrageously adorable posts on social media.

Here's Stewart meeting Ginger:

Can you say Jean-Lick Picard?

Besides showing off Ginger's slobbery kisses during a failed swimming lesson, Stewart explains how rewarding it is to be a foster parent to a pet in need.

While appearing on Conan this week, Stewart made sure to bring up his new pup. He explained that this was his first dog in over 50 years. In just a few short days, it truly seems like the two have bonded — but as Stewart explains, Ginger is only a foster and his main goal is to find a permanent home for her.

From the look on Stewart's face from the moment they met, I bet it will be heartbreaking for him to say goodbye — but it just adds another reason to love this man. His advocacy and positive message continue to inspire, now extending to the ASPCA and the "adopt don't shop" initiative.

Be sure to follow Sir Patrick Stewart on Twitter for more adventures with Ginger. It certainly can't get much better than this.

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