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Looks like Attack the Block director Joe Cornish is coming back to the big screen in legendary form. After a long seven-year absence from directing, Cornish will re-imagine the legendary King Arthur in a modern world with his latest project titled, The Kid Who Would Be King. Cornish also wrote this film, and it's being produced by Baby Driver duo Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner.

The latest news gives Cornish’s project another boost, as the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart joins the cast as the all-powerful and mythical wizard Merlin.

'Attack the Block' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'Attack the Block' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Cornish is putting together a well-rounded cast, making the hype surrounding the film even more intriguing. The film stars Louis Serkis (Alice Through the Looking Glass) as Alex along with Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) as the primary antagonist, Morgana. Rounding out the cast are a couple of young, up-and-coming actors playing the role of Alex’s court: Rhianna Doris (Secret Life of Boys) will play Kaye, The Dark Tower star Tom Taylor will star as Lance and newcomer Dean Chaumoo will play Alex’s best friend Bedders.

With hopes of replicating the success of his alien flick, Attack the Block, Cornish’s fresh take on a classic myth may do the trick. The Kid Who Would Be King is a coming of age story that follows a twelve-year-old British boy who discovers the mythical sword Excalibur. However, Alex must rely on his friends to help him defeat the evil Morgana, who wants Excalibur for her own diabolical agenda.

The Kid Who Would Be King started filming on September 25, and is set to hit theaters in September 2018. Will you be seeing it?

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