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Patrick Stewart is a man of many labels: Actor, activist, Labor Party member and BFF to Ian McKellen. And now he can add one more label to that list: Medical marijuana advocate.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Stewart revealed that not only does he support the legalization of medical cannabis, but uses a variety of cannabinoid products to help manage his own pain every day.

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Patrick Stewart Eats Weed Everyday

[Credit: Patrick Stewart Instagram]
[Credit: Patrick Stewart Instagram]

suffers frequent nerve pain in his hands from arthritis. Thanks to medical marijuana, he's able to manage his pain without the need for other heavy painkillers.

He uses a combination of both topical treatments and edibles to help him regain movement in his hands, as well as sleep at night. Not to mention getting a little baked before bed probably makes hanging out with his new foster dog, Ginger, all the more enjoyable:

The process is entirely legal where he lives in the States, and Stewart confirms that he has his own prescription:

"Two years ago, in Los Angeles I was examined by a doctor and given a note which gave me legal permission to purchase, from a registered outlet, cannabis-based products, which I was advised might help the ortho-arthritis in both my hands."

He's An "Enthusiastic" Supporter Of Medical Marijuana

[Credit: Patrick Stewart's Instagram]
[Credit: Patrick Stewart's Instagram]

There's a good reason Stewart is revealing his fondness for medical marijuana to the world. He's a big supporter of a study soon to be conducted by Oxford University in the UK, which will research the positive effects of using cannabis to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Medical marijuana isn't yet legal in Stewart's home country of England. And while this doesn't affect him directly as a current US citizen, he feels that it's a worthy cause to get behind— especially considering his own history of using the drug. Stewart says his experience is reason enough to "enthusiastically support the Oxford University cannabis research plan."

Taking A Leaf Out Of Whoopi's Book

[Credit: Whoopi & Maya's Instagram]
[Credit: Whoopi & Maya's Instagram]

Patrick Stewart isn't the only celebrity to speak candidly about his use and support of medical marijuana. In fact, fellow Star Trek alumni Whoopi Goldberg even has her own line of cannabis products specifically designed to ease menstrual cramps called Whoopi & Maya. Goldberg told LA Weekly that she created the line after finding nothing on the market targeted at helping women alleviate their period pain:

"This isn't about getting [women] high, it's about getting them to be able to go to work and school and to function."

Who knows — maybe Patrick Stewart will release a Professor X line of cannabis hand spray for his fellow arthritics!

What do you think about Patrick Stewart's support of medical marijuana?

[Credit: Patrick Stewart's Instagram]
[Credit: Patrick Stewart's Instagram]

(Source: The Telegraph, LA Weekly)


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