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Now, of all the age-old comic book debates, there are few more pertinent to the modern-day movie world than that of who would win in a fight between and the . After all, it's one of the few major arguments that seem genuinely unlikely to be solved on the big screen any time soon, seeing as the ownership rights to the two teams remain determinedly divided between and . And so, while we can argue endlessly over who would win in a fight between Captain America and Thanos, or Wolverine and Deadpool, and still just about hold out hope of seeing it happen, there remains strikingly little chance of seeing the X-Men and Avengers duke it out on the big screen.

Which, according to himself, , is probably for the best. Y'see:

Patrick Stewart Thinks His X-Men Could Take The Avengers In A Fight

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Indeed, as Stewart recently revealed to during a press day for the soon-to-be-released , there's "no contest" over who would win. First, though, he opted for precisely the sort of dismissive joke that you'd expect from a high profile prize fighter (or, of course, an acclaimed star of stage and screen):

"X-Men versus...? I don't know who the Avengers are."

Before, of course, noting that while he does in fact know who the Avengers are, he doesn't think all that much of their chances in a fight:

"Of course, I do...There's no contest. Bring on Famke Janssen, James Marsden... We'll sort them out."

'X-Men' [Credit: Fox]
'X-Men' [Credit: Fox]

Which, while perhaps suggesting that Stewart is a little over-confident when it comes to the ability of real-life actors (a.k.a. the original cinematic Jean Grey) and (a.k.a. the original cinematic Cyclops) to take out an actual Hulk, is still pretty darned adorable.

Plus, who wouldn't want to watch James Marsden take out half of the Avengers through sheer force of mild-mannered charisma?

What do you think, though? Who would actually win in a fight between the on-screen X-Men, and the on-screen Avengers? Let us know below!



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