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It's been a very turbulent time in America since Donald Trump rode his questionable way to becoming President of the United States. Numerous terrible events and choices have plagued the new administration, causing millions of people, including celebrities, to come together in protest. Now, one more powerful voice is joining the cause: .

During an appearance on The View, Stewart revealed his intention to become an American citizen.

In the interview, the talk about politics came up. The actor revealed he had travelled to Washington to talk to his friends about the recent political developments. And that's when he dropped the bombshell:

"We had gone to Washington to see good friends of ours [...] who are kind of Washington insiders; because we wanted to ask them 'What do we do?' [...] I'm not a citizen. However - maybe it's the only good thing as a result of this election - I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American too, because all of my friends in Washington said 'There is one thing you can do: Fight, fight, oppose, oppose.' But I can't do it because I'm not a citizen."

You know things are getting serious when such a famous celebrity applies for a different nationality to add his voice to that of the people. Still, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise, as Stewart has been very vocal about his dislike of Trump and his decisions.

In fact, in that same interview, the legendary actor was asked about a tweet he sent in February, in which he seemingly attacked Donald Trump. Here's the tweet in question:

Stewart gave a little backstory to the message, stating:

"The first night that we were in Washington, I had the worst night sleep for years and years and years. And it was only in the morning when I got up and drew the curtains, and I realized what it might be. So it was a fairly innocent... tweet. I did not directly insult your President."

That's not all though. In January, the actor asked for support for refugee families who were infamously denied entry into the US:

Let's of course not forget the time he called Trump a charlatan:

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With all of that, it was only natural the beloved actor would take steps to get things done. And to know he is doing it is great news. Patrick Stewart is one of the most powerful celebrities today; his voice and image would give a lot of support for people standing up for their rights and beliefs. I have to say, it's remarkable to see people who portray superheroes actually make the effort to embody their characters in real life, and Patrick Stewart is the latest example of that.


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