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Matt Carter

Twilight fans, if you can, please sit down; I have some news. , and have been reportedly dropped from any future spin-off or continuation of the Twilight series. According to the guys over at Moviehole, Lionsgate— the studio behind the massively successful vamp-inspired love story— are already looking at fresh ways to extend the longevity of the billion dollar franchise, but it looks like Bella, Edward and Jacob will play no part in it. Details at the moment are thin on the ground, but apparently the studio is toying with a couple of ideas to keep the money pouring in, with a possible TV show or film spin-off in the cards.

It was inevitable that after the astronomical success of the Twilight series that the studio execs would try and milk this cash cow dry until its udders were raw and bleeding, but dropping the three main stars like a bunch of useless, bloated corpses is a brave move. For most fans, the Bella/Edward love story is the Twilight story, so without them, the emotional attachment to the franchise is lost. On the other hand, a fresh start could be good for all concerned, a chance to wipe the slate clean and build a new mythology within the Twilight universe.

It's been suggested that the spin-off could focus more on "the wolf pack", which would most likely refer to the werewolves in the series, and not the drunken guys from The Hangover— although seeing Alan, Stu and Phil as vampires in an endless struggle against Mr Chow's Volturi would be something.

Do you think the series can continue without the three main stars? Is there still enough love out there for a return to Forks, or is it time to give the series a stake to the heart and let it die? Sound off in the comments!


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