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Wonder Woman won the hearts of audiences all around the world, and a big contributing factor to that success was Diana Prince and Steve Trevor's relationship. In many ways, their bond became the driving force of the story.

The couple's most heartfelt moment came near the end of the movie. Doctor Poison's minions launched an airplane, packed with toxic gas to kill thousands of people, and Steve stepped in to stop it. The brave solider knew this was a one-way trip, though, so before leaving, he finally confessed his love for Diana.

She had just been in an explosion caused by Ares, which gave her a constant ringing in her ears and kept Steve's final words a mystery to both her and the audience ... for a little while, at least. Later on, during a moment of clarity for the Amazonian Warrior, Trevor's message was revealed: "It has to be me. It has to be me. I can save today. You can save the world. I wish we had more time. I love you."

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Seconds later, 's plane exploded and he passed away. The scene, while touching, left plenty of fans (including yours truly) scratching their heads. Did Diana get to hear what Steve told her? Or was that just something for us, the audience?

Fortunately, we finally have an answer.

Here's What Happened During Diana And Steve's Last Moments

Director and actress (a.k.a. Etta Candy) sat down for an interview with ELLE Magazine, and they were asked to answer a slew of the internet's best fan theories.

One theory proposed that Steve's words to were meant only for the audience. Jenkins shut that down, explaining that Diana did hear the solider's final words. She simply needed some time to piece it together after the impact she suffered:

"When you're in shock, when you're in a car accident –– and I've had this actually happen to me –– where someone starts saying a bunch of stuff to you and you're like 'what-what?,' and then later you realize what that person was trying to say to you. That's very much how that scene was. Later she puts back together what he was saying, and realizes the meaning of it, so she does hear him say it."

I'm not crying... you're crying. As sad as it may be, It's great to know that our protagonist got some closure with Trevor. That little moment also makes the scene where she goes to touch his picture all the more powerful.

Is Steve Trevor Done In The DC Extended Universe?

Ok, so Diana got closure, but will Steve get the chance to fight another day? That's something fans have been wondering for some time now, specially with coming our way in 2019.

There have been some rumblings about Trevor coming back to life for the sequel, but so far, his part has been kept a mystery. Sadly, it looks like, if Steve indeed returns, it won't be the same character we met and fell in love with during Wonder Woman.

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Prior to debunking the aforementioned theory, Jenkins was asked whether the water Trevor bathed in during his stay in Themyscira was a magical fluid that allowed him to survive the plane explosion. Chuckling, the director was quick to debunk the question, and made it pretty clear that Diana's true love was gone.

With that in mind, all we can do right now is wait to see if wants to bring the character back, and if so, how. At least we can find comfort in the fact the hero got closure with the love of his life.

If you want to relieve Diana's solo adventure, Wonder Woman is currently available on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. Diana will return to fight for the universe in Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

What do you think about the explanation behind Steve Trevor's touching message to Diana? Let me know in the comments!


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