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Wonder Woman is coming out in just over a month. Strangely enough though, people have been wondering where exactly has been the marketing for it. We've gotten countless Justice League posters, teasers, trailer and even merchandise, but not nearly the same promo campaign for 's first solo big screen outing.

That changes today. Warner Bros. began a Wonder Woman campaign to release a new tidbit from the movie every Wednesday. This week, however, the stream of content stopped. While it left some of us confused, now we know it was part of a larger plan. surprised us all by dropping the final Wonder Woman TV spot on Twitter, and it's nothing short of amazing:

Eye-popping fight scenes? Check. A determined titular heroine? Check. Our first glimpse of Ares? Check. That's right—eagle-eyed fans will notice this trailer gives us our first fleeting look at Ares, God of War. It's a very brief moment of him trying to hit Wonder Woman with his sword, but his incredibly intimidating armor is on display:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

From the sparks that fly when his sword collides against her gauntlets, Ares shows us he's not an enemy to be trifled with (you know, in case being the God of War didn't tell you enough). After so many months of teases and looks at him through merchandise, it's nice to finally see the guy in action, however brief his appearance was—but just as nice they're not completely blowing it with a full reveal.

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After such a long period of time of not hearing anything about the movie, this spot was a nice gift for fans. It got me a thousand times more excited to watch the movie. It looks like a worthy standalone film for Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins is an incredible director, so hopefully the movie will bring a much-needed new style to the and bring Wonder Woman to the forefront of general audiences.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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