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Not only did knock it out of the park with Wonder Woman, but director is being praised by both critics and average moviegoers left and right for saving the DCEU. So it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. has approved a second solo adventure for Diana Prince in addition to her appearances in both Justice League installments.

DC Comics president Geoff Johns confirmed to Variety that not only was he working on a script for a Wonder Woman sequel, but that he was writing the treatment with Patty Jenkins:

“Patty and I are writing the treatment right now. The goal is to make another great Wonder Woman film. I had a blast making it with Patty the first time. We’ve got a cool idea for the second one.”

Patty Jenkins Is Helping Script 'Wonder Woman' Sequel — Is She Returning As Director?

Although we can only assume (at this point) that Jenkins working on the story means that she's going to return for a sequel, Johns remained quiet on the matter and didn't officially confirm her return. This likely means any negotiations are still ongoing, as she's in an incredibly powerful negotiating position.

Jenkins's continued involvement with the DCEU is a positive sign that Warner Bros. has learned a great deal from the success of Wonder Woman. Jenkins proved that choosing a female director for a superhero film was the right move for the studio, even if she didn't come from a comic book movie background. Warner Bros. may have rolled the dice by hiring Jenkins (like they did by hiring David Ayer for Suicide Squad), and the gamble was a complete success.

Bringing Jenkins back to create another Wonder Woman film would definitely be the best choice that Warner Bros. could make for the character and for the DCEU as a whole. Not only would it bring the same style and intensity that Jenkins created with Wonder Woman, but it would continue to be pioneering, as she would become the first woman to direct more than one installment of a superhero franchise. It would signal that Patty Jenkins is becoming a major, indispensable creative force at the heart of the DCEU.

Patty Jenkins Coming Back Proves That Warner Bros. Is Betting On Girl Power

A Wonder Woman sequel will join an already growing list of upcoming projects. So far, the list of planned universe installments include (but are not limited to):

  • The Batman
  • Justice League
  • Aquaman
  • The Flash
  • Suicide Squad 2
  • Gotham City Sirens
  • Cyborg
  • Shazam
  • Green Lantern Corps

In addition to the confirmed list, we've also heard rumors about solo projects coming for Nightwing, Black Adam and Batgirl. There is also talk about being involved not only with the and the Suicide Squad, but also with the Birds of Prey. (These rumors came to light after Margot Robbie signed an exclusive first-look deal with the studio that includes Gotham City Sirens, to be directed by David Ayer and to be produced by Robbie.)

With more Wonder Woman coming to the DCEU at some point, it seems that Warner Bros. is trying to push forward the "girl power" from the DC Comics universe into the film universe. With women like Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie and more involved in the push, things for the DCEU are finally looking up.

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