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Apart from the fact that she's, obviously, a woman, what distinguishes Wonder Woman the most from her DC counterparts is her unbreakable sense of optimism. Even Superman, in the 's latest iterations, has adopted a semi-permanent frown and let doubts creep into his mind. Diana, even though she's just set foot in man's world, already believes in humanity and her power to save it.

This sincereness is what mattered most to Patty Jenkins, the director who made it possible for 's first live-action iteration on the big screen to become an instant worldwide success. In an interview with the New York Times, she talks about making the character vulnerable in order to balance her otherworldly abilities, and wholeheartedly believing in Wonder Woman's optimism.

'I'm Tired Of Sincerity Being Something We Have To Be Afraid Of Doing'

When the interviewer suggests the next question might be "cheesy," Jenkins is quick to refute the term:

"Did you say cheesy? Cheesy is one of the words banned in my world. I'm tired of sincerity being something we have to be afraid of doing. It's been like that for 20 years, that the entertainment and art world has shied away from sincerity, real sincerity, because they feel they have to wink at the audience because that's what the kids like. We have to do the real stories now. The world is in crisis."

She's got a point. More often than not, plain, honest declarations of feelings are associated with some sort of weakness — from movies to the depths of online comment sections, sarcasm seems to be the winning attitude. But for Jenkins, Wonder Woman has no time or energy to waste on being cynical:

"I wanted to tell a story about a hero who believes in love, who is filled with love, who believes in change and the betterment of mankind. I believe in it. It's terrible when it makes so many artists afraid to be sincere and truthful and emotional, and relegates them to the too-cool-for-school department. Art is supposed to bring beauty to the world."

That belief paid off, because the movie hit the nail right on the head, inspiring countless people around the world with its positivity and finally providing little girls with the hero they always dreamed of. After all, isn't that the true definition of a superhero?

What's your favorite thing about Wonder Woman?


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