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The internet still hasn't simmered down since an Austin theater announced women-only screenings of Wonder Woman, resulting in a barrage of angry outcries from offended men who felt personally victimized by the event. Despite the Alamo Drafthouse theater insisting that the screening was intended to be a celebration of the film's female heroine, and the fact that there were other mixed-gender screenings available at the same time, not everyone was happy to let Wonder Woman's female fanbase celebrate together.

While even the Mayor of Austin himself happily backed the theater's decision, the cast and crew had remained silent on the scandal— until now. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has finally commented on the women-only screenings, admitting that she wasn't entirely sure how she felt about it.

What Does Patty Jenkins Think About The Women-Only Screenings?

Alamo has since continued the events at various theaters across America, but does Patty Jenkins approve of these Wonder Woman screenings? Well, it's a little more complicated than that. Jenkins admits that while she's thrilled at something that celebrates women in cinema, she can't help but feel a little conflicted about the screenings:

"I actually have sort of mixed feelings about all of that only because I do believe in not excluding anyone from anything. And so, on the one hand, I'm so delighted by those screenings and want people to be able to have those screenings. On the other hand I can imagine being offended if I'm excluded from those screenings, particularly because 'Wonder Woman' herself has a very, very passionate fan base, many of whom are men. And many of whom are men who are disenfranchised from their own gender or their own identity. And I would never want to leave them out of anything, you know?"

Jenkins' sentiments speak to the outraged men who felt they had been discriminated against due to their inability to participate in the women-only event. Nevertheless, it's undeniably ironic that encouraging women to come together to celebrate a slight shift in the scales of representation in film has led to accusations of discrimination from those who are almost constantly overrepresented in such narratives.

As Marsha August, an attendee at one of the screenings interviewed by Mashable pointed out, "If equality was actually a thing, we wouldn’t need to do women-only screenings."

Ultimately, these screenings were never about telling men they couldn't participate. They were a way for women to come together and celebrate a superhero movie with a female protagonist, directed by a woman— something that Jenkins admits is still rare to find:

"I could switch to either side of the argument, but I certainly think it's wonderful ... there have not been that many female-skewed things and certainly there have been many, many male. So I celebrate that."

Do you agree with Patty Jenkins?

(Source: The Frame, Mashable)


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