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So we've heard it all before, Paul Greengrass saying that he hasn't got another Bourne film in him, however it seems that this time he really means it.

Greengrass, who has helmed two of the Bourne films, said during a recent interview for Captain Phillips that he believed it to be the right decision.

Here's what he had to say via Indiewire:

I can’t speak for Matt, but I agonized for a long period of time about it. In the end I felt I had given it my all in two films I’m very proud of and didn’t want to make another if I didn’t believe it could be as good if not better.

Greengrass also touched on the 'inherent problems with franchises' which involve a double edged sword syndrome of: if it's successful, then studios are 'obliged to make one every couple of years'.

He apparently:

Discovered in my heart I didn’t have another one in me. I would be going through the motions and I could never do that.

Don't despair though followers of Paul Greengrass and Bourne 5, for his Martin Luther King biopic, Memphis is currently being primed; though he thinks it's going to take some time to develop. So you know, silver linings and all. What are your thoughts on the directors decision?

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Source: Indiewire



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