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British filmmaker has been talking about his decision to drop out of directing the Aaron Sorkin-penned The Trial of the Chicago 7. Apparently the Captain Phillips helmer felt that he couldn't "render the scale of the event" for a wide audience.

Here's what he had to say to Huff Post:

Well, Dreamworks asked me in the summer and I really would love to work with Steven Spielberg ... and Aaron Sorkin had written a great screenplay. But, I felt that there have been other versions of that serial done. It's from "Chicago 10," what it's based on, which is part animation. And I felt when I watched the animation -- that was really the true reason, to be honest. And I thought it was a really good film. I felt that it was left sort of challenged, for me, to kind of redo something that had already been animated.

It's a real shame that Greengrass dropped out. I don't think there is a better director at bringing true-life stories to the big screen. Both Bloody Sunday and United 93 were tense, emotionally engaging and nuanced films, and the buzz surrounding Captain Phillips suggest that he's hit it out of the park again.

Whoever takes over the directorial reins for The Trial of the Chicago 7 has got some very big shoes to fill.

Who would you like to see helm the movie now that Greengrass has dropped out?


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