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When news leaked that Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux and Alexander Skarsgård were all working together on a new project, most of us imagined a sitcom depicting the lives of three men trying to raise a baby together. On the contrary! The dashing trio have begun filming Mute, the exciting Sci-Fi thriller film, directed by Duncan Jones, which will debut next Summer on Netflix.

Check out the promo image posted by Jones himself below:

The story takes place in Berlin in 2046 and follows a mute bartender (Skarsgård) who is looking for a missing woman. His findings lead him further and further into the dark underbelly of the metropolis, until he comes up against a clandestine community of surgeons led by Rudd's character.

The film has begun shooting in Berlin and while we wait for the first trailer, we thought we'd round up all the juicy news surrounding this incredible collaboration.

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The Passion Project To End All Passion Projects

After the lukewarm reception of the divisive Warcraft movie, director Duncan Jones has brushed off the bad reviews and is revisiting his roots. Mute has been in his mind since the beginning of his career but he had to put it on hold to make the economical masterpiece that was Moon. Still struggling to finance the ambitious Mute, Jones would have to wait until the box office returns for Warcraft came in and luckily for him, the enormous video-game adaptation succeeded in Asia.

Duncan Jones with Sam Rockwell on the set of 'Moon' / Sony Pictures Classics
Duncan Jones with Sam Rockwell on the set of 'Moon' / Sony Pictures Classics

The action will take place in a sprawling, futuristic version of Berlin that has become an enormous melting pot where East meets West. Jones has cited Casablanca, M*A*S*H, Hardcore and of course Blade Runner as the visual influences for this tantalizing, new project.

Building A Bridge To Moon

As if the promise of a great cast, story and director weren't enough, Jones has already confirmed that Mute will take place in the same world as Moon. With the addition of Sam Rockwell to the cast so we may also see a return of his character from Moon, Sam Bell. To ramp up the intrigue meter, Jones has also confirmed the extraordinary Clint Mansell who was responsible for the sumptuous score for Moon.

Check out the main theme from the Moon soundtrack below:

A graphic novel is also being developed as a companion piece which will divulge the essential plot and give us some visual references of what to expect. Until then we eagerly await for more information on this amazing collaboration that has already left us speechless.


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