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The late Paul Walker's father has opened up about his experience watching — the first movie in the franchise without his son — in a candid and highly emotional interview.

At present, the eighth film in the franchise has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide and counting, dominating the box office and starring most of the original cast. And while of course that proves that these movies still have mammoth international appeal, Paul Walker Sr. understandably struggled with the idea of watching it. He did, however, get around to it eventually, which thankfully ended up being quite a cathartic move:

"I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it. But when I did, thankfully I was surrounded by friends, some who knew Paul since when he was a little kid, and it was really wonderful. We all really liked it, it was a very fun movie."

What's more, Walker Sr. didn't just state that he really liked the movie, but enthused that his son — who died in a car crash in 2013 — would have loved it, which needless to say is a huge stamp of approval for all those involved in making it, and for those who've put off watching it so far:

"You know, I think Paul would’ve loved it. I can see him saying to me, 'Dad, you gotta see it, it’s crazy.' That’s exactly what he would’ve said ... I think the cast and the directors did Paul proud. I hope the cast all become a bunch of old, toothless men before they stop making them. Paul would be very happy that they made another one ... He always said: 'I just want this franchise to go on and on.'"

And go "on and on" it will; the above tweet via Vin Diesel himself essentially confirms that there will be at least two more movies in the franchise speeding into our eyeballs over the next four years. Walker Sr. continued to add that the reason his son would've loved it so much is because it stuck to the jovial essence he continuously tried to pump into each F&F movie he made:

"That’s all he wanted, he wanted it to be just fun. His thinking was Fast & Furious had to be just fun ... Tyrese (Gibson) is hilarious, Vin (Diesel) is amazing, as is The Rock. Jason Statham, he is really something else too. He was tremendous in it, all those guys, and I don’t know if they do it consciously, but they’re all scene-stealers. And I can’t forget Charlize Theron, she played evil so good. I always thought she was a good-looking lady, but she can play the ice queen incredibly well."

Die hard fans will have instantly clocked the subtle but extremely touching and weep-inducing tribute Fast 8 made to its dearly departed cast member, when Vin Diesel's character names his lovechild Brian, after Brian O'Conner — Walker's character. This was another move that, according to his father, Walker would've loved:

"That was pretty cool, of course I loved that they paid tribute to Paul. It was a fitting tribute ... Paul would appreciate all of the tributes, he would feel really honored. I know he’d feel embarrassed by it, but very honored."

Have you seen The Fate of the Furious yet?

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