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Mark Newton

You'd think after starring in practically every Fast and Furious movie, would be a bit bored of acting inside vehicles. Well, it doesn't seem like it just yet. Here he is in a clip for upcoming thriller Vehicle 19 where Paul learns the importance of wearing a holster and his attacker similarly learns the importance of maintaining a strong grip on a loaded weapon. Take a look below:

Here's the official synopsis:

An unsuspecting traveler in a foreign country picks up the wrong rental car, which has a woman locked in the trunk. He quickly finds himself tangled in a web of corruption by the local police.

OK, it doesn't really sound (or look) like a stellar film, does it? The fact it's only being released at Empire cinemas before moving onto DVD and Blu-Ray probably backs up this assertion. In any case, if you're near an Empire theater, you can check it out on May 10th, otherwise you'll be able to grab a DVD or Blu-Ray copy on May 20th.

What do you think? Will you taking a ride in Vehicle 19? Let me know below.


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