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Anne Parsons

When Paul Walker passed at the end of November last year, I think everyone was pretty shook. I know I was. When someone famous dies, it feels so weird. You have become attached to them in ways you can't put words on, and you feel such a loss. Like so many fans, I had become totally attached to Paul's role as Brian O'Connor in the Fast & the Furious movies.

Paul had been set to play the role of 'Agent 47', better known as 'Hitman' from the successful game franchise. Sadly the role had to be passed to someone else. The actor who got the role is Rupert Friend, best known for his spot on Homeland, as well as some well known historical dramas, such as Pride and Prejudice and The Young Victoria, and it has just started shooting. I think it's an unusual but perhaps inspired choice, as Friend looks more tough guy, less fop with his head shaved on the Berlin set of the shoot, don't you think?

As I mentioned above, the movie is an adaptation of the intensely popular gaming franchise about the cloned, barcoded hitman, called Agent 47. I am hoping the film is more true to the original story line, seeing as another adaptation in 2007 (Hitman) changed Agent 47's back story so significantly from that of the video game, that it disappointed hard core fans. Were you one of them?

Here's to hoping Friend can do Paul Walker's memory justice and give us the movie this franchise actually deserves.

(Source: Latino Review)



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