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The fallout from actor Paul Walker's tragic and untimely death on Saturday afternoon will likely continue for quite some time, eerily echoing the aftermath of that of , particularly as both men were in the middle of filming movies at the times of their deaths.

But while many are still mourning, life, and Hollywood, must move on. Furious 7 was in the middle of shooting in L.A. and Atlanta and was to be released on July 11 of next year, but now a delay is almost inevitable as they scramble to tie up the ragged ends left by 's death.

Director and Universal execs reportedly met on Sunday morning to discuss the future of the film franchise. According to Variety, it's unclear what scenes have already been shot, though it seems most likely that the big action scenes were the ones shot first. Unfortunately, this is the more difficult scenario as it would be easy to fill Walker's action scenes with a stunt double, but far harder to fill the expository scenes with his character and other members of the cast without him. It's also unclear how this will affect the storyline and development, or how creative Wan and his writers might have to get in order to salvage the film. With Walker recently confirming a Fast & Furious 8, along with hinting at two more beyond that, it's unclear if the studio will forge ahead with its plans to wrap up the franchise at ten films.

Walker also has two new films coming out within the next year, having completed Pantelion's (the Latin audience branch of Lionsgate) indie drama, Hours, about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as well as Relativity's Brick Mansions, in which Walker is set to star with RZA.

(Source: Variety)

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