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The shooting of the 7th installment in the Fast franchise will continue as best it can, according to latest reports. After the tragic, untimely death of Fast & Furious 7 star Paul Walker last week, production on the movie was halted out of respect for the deceased thesp. But fans of the franchise need not worry - as director assured fans that the movie will eventually resume production.

And now, it has come to light that the show will go on with the blessing of Paul's family, who have "made it known to Paul's co-stars, that they don't want him cut out of the movie. It wouldn't be what Paul would have wanted."

It looks like Paul's mom and dad - Paul Walker Sr. and Cheryl - don't want him to be edited out of Furious 7 despite the fact that filming on the movie was far from finished. This leaves us with questions about what will happen to Walker's character Brian O'Connor in Fast 7... CGI? But, whatever happens, it seems that the movie will progress with , one way or another:

Paul absolutely loved being a part of the Fast & Furious franchise. His family knows writers and producers will handle Paul's death with dignity and understanding. Of course, his family is focused on Paul's upcoming funeral, and taking care of his teenage daughter, Meadow.

Just days before his death, Walker hinted that he wanted to see a further three Fast movies get made, so perhaps his parents are just trying to honor his decision.

No movie franchise I can think of has somersaulted into the stratosphere so long after it's beginning, but can the show possibly go on without Walker? Will it be the same? Let me know what you think below, Moviepilots!

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