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A petition is in action to get the tragic site of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas' car crash renamed in their honor.

The petition at suggests that Hercules Street, Valencia be renamed 'Walker/Rodas Memorial Way.' and his friend and business partner Roger Rodas were killed after losing control of the Porsche they were driving.

The petition already has almost 1000 signatures from all over the world, showing how deeply felt the loss of Walker and Rodas continues to be. The sweet gesture to Roger Rodas and Paul Walker is summed up in the description there:

With an international outpouring of love and support, this might be a nice way for people to continue remembering two amazing men who died tragically.

Well said! Whatever it takes to keep Walker and Rodas' memory alive, it has to be worth it.

Share if you want to commemorate the tragedy with Walker/Rodas Memorial Way.

Source: The SCV Signal


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